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Bud Bigallows

Low Road.

Photo of Bud BigallowsAn all American Wild West/Mexican themed bar, this venue offers Dancing bar girls and an enormous rodeo bull.
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RE Adam   4th October 08
It will be on indefinitely or as long as people take advantage of it mate.

Adam   30th September 08
Cracking deal these are doing on a Monday, but how long will they keep it on for?

kel   22nd September 08
wheres all the old staff gone? not the same now

elaine   21st September 08
this pub is really good on a sat good music and good prices the doormen are lovely as well especially eddie

Donny   6th September 08
Was in here last match day, OMG! talk about on the edge, is Ken ok? lol was hilarious crying with laughter. Cant wait for next one beer cheap too, thumbs up guys!

mark   5th September 08
all i remember about this place is a dancing old man, and bon jovi times 10.

kirsty   22nd August 08
used to love bud bigs now its rubbish, evrey time i go in there is an old man dont no if anyone has seen him but hes class he comes over to dance with you he could dance all nite if the bar was open all nite

Leanne   2nd August 08
Was in here last weekend and it was rammed, not seen it like that in ages, music was mint too, but your drinks prices need some work guys.

Bobby   26th July 08
Glad to see the fat guy back, Absolutely mental, Big Fish Little Fish what a Legend!

Davy   25th July 08
Change is a good one, crackin atmosphere Fridays and Saturdays had a really good night. Keep it up guys.

Bekka   8th July 08
what happend to the dj on a thursday night he played mint tunes any1got his number so i can book him for my birthday thanks guys ooohhh and buds getting rid of that dj was a bad option he could of made you alot of money as i know he didnt work the weekends there as i came in and checked it out and it was rubbish

Big Fun   6th June 08
Bring back the fun, bring back the humour, bring back the Bull

hogan   1st June 08
place is deffo not what it was, if it aint boke dont fix it ,chumps

jumpin   25th May 08
i think this bar need dj chris aka dj fab bring him back will def bring the place up again

Jenny   23rd May 08
This bar could be so much more!

Bobby   15th May 08
Could not agree more Pete, this place used to start my night and end it, it was so much fun, if it has been sold lets hope they take notice of what the customer who used to spend his hard earned cash in there wants, I have not been in for months now but will keep my eye open for change.... bring it on please.

Pete   11th May 08
Thank god the place has finally been sold. Now it needs a manager that knows what he's doing, the bull back, the dancing girls and boys back and the Fat DJ. The place used to rock but went down hill in the last few months when that new management team came along. Would be great if the new owners brought back the ture Buds theme. The place used to be great!

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