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Bud Bigallows

Low Road.

Photo of Bud BigallowsAn all American Wild West/Mexican themed bar, this venue offers Dancing bar girls and an enormous rodeo bull.
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re: Bobby   8th May 08
I agree with you mate we give this place a wide birth now, not worth your time drinking in it. Sad really it used to be fantastic.

Bobby   4th May 08
This bar used to be great, but since the fat dj left its not up to much, no atmosphere no fun a no go!

dot   3rd May 08
was in here last night, the dancers are back i see, thought my eyes were playing tricks on me - sarah and natasha from buffalo joes, we know you left cos the craic wasn't up to much at the time, but to defect to the other side? I'm amazed!

andy   30th April 08
whats happend to a thursday nite the DJ is mint but no crowd. Im sure thats the DJ that used to play hed kandi in the gate in newcastle and the bar used to be rammed you couldnt get moved. I only came across the bar by accident and i love it will be back again and mr manager get the night promoted this will be a successful night but i havent seen it advertised anywhere or try it on a friday or saturday you will give you fellow bars a hell ov competition

Noor and Zayna   2nd April 08
We used to work here and had loads of fun, it was class.

dot   30th March 08
where have the dancers and the bull gone?

Bekka   20th March 08
i agree good nite thursdays,good dj, but nite could do with advertising. i only came across it by chance. will be back tho... good tunes and buy 1 get 1 free... does it get any better.

Rob   14th March 08
Budz has just started a hed kandi nite up on a thursday nite i love the dj playing some quality house and hed kandi tunes shame there was only about 20 people in the bar i think if people get to know about the nite it will do well hed kandi and house with buy 1 get 1 free you cant argue at that but the manager who ever he is needs to pull his finger at promote the nite as its the only place in sunderland to play hed kandi nite has any1 else been in yet

Jonty   6th March 08
Why is it Mr Editor you dont put up valid and essentially acurate comments on this bars page, you getting a pay off or something?

maxxx   20th February 08
bar staff still wanted sexy energetic young lassis that want to hav a good time nd get paid for it jus come dwn and ask for the manager. thanx

stu   15th February 08
wheres all the girls gone not the same without the danceing?

rach   20th January 08
i like it in buds was good seein people on the bull and the dancers on the bar are great! x

maxxx   11th January 08
Hi Caroline. If you want a job at buds pop in and see Judith or Sophie one evening. Its a great place to work with above average wages.

caroline   9th January 08
wats the best way to see about getting a job in here? dancing on the bar is brill x

maxxx   26th December 07
Hi Steven. Where is the new bar where G J FAB has been working this Christmas

steven   30th November 07
hiya all but i think you lot are all mad dj fab had the bar ramed every week end he is 1 good dj and will do well in his new bar.

  30th November 07
ahhhh thanks christian! have really missed your humour. good luck for the future.

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