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Bud Bigallows

Low Road.

Photo of Bud BigallowsAn all American Wild West/Mexican themed bar, this venue offers Dancing bar girls and an enormous rodeo bull.
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Nick - Bullet   30th November 07
What's the band night like on Sunday nights ? We've got a gig there on 9th December - do the barmaids still dance on the bar on Sundays ? I'm really looking forward to it www.bulletband.co.uk

Chater   29th November 07
The fat dj was mint, the life and soul of the place, he is obviously better off away from the place i know I wont be back in there.

ooooooo   29th November 07
richi are you apart of the new managment team lol

DJ FAB   29th November 07
Well Richi my license is through PPL cost me 235 quid a year, it was obtained by sending in the relevant forms along with payment, and they are not really ripped files i hold a license to use up to 20,000 songs on what is known as a DJ Database. As I have stated previously, good luck to the guys who have taken over from me, I mean that with all sincerity although i have never met them, its early days and they will soon get an insight as to whom they are working for i am sure.

Richi   29th November 07
I agree with you Will, the DJ only every seemed to use one playlist for the music. People get bored of hearing the same music over and over again. After a couple of visits its easy to predict what music DJ FAB would have played....yawn. I actually wonder if he had the relevant licences to use his laptop and downloaded/ripped music? Onwards and upwards for the bar with fresh blood!

DJ FAB   29th November 07
Nothing can save you from Princess Pumpkin guys. Other than a new job that is. Not even if the place was sold and under new ownership would i return its had it I am afraid, once your regulars have gone they wont come back, its charvers from here on in. Hear your Sunday band night is doing well pmsl.

Re: DJ FAB   25th November 07
Come back and save us! It's awful without you Chris Poison Dwarf gets worse!

marty blackbird   24th November 07
all these comments about chris(DJ FAB) are soooo off the mark! he is a quality DJ and any bar that gets him will be better for it!

sam   24th November 07
theres always a good athmosphere in buds and good selection of music to put you in the mood for a class nite out.

will   23rd November 07
in buds for the first time in a while as i have been living down south. glad you got a new dj, that fat bloke was a crap dj as he only had one play list that he used it every night i was in there. the djs there now are a breath of fresh air and it was time for a change. is the bull coming back. i would suggest to you to keep it out as it was a bit tacky for such a great pub

Jack   22nd November 07
Finally a chage in Buds, so so boring for too long now.

DJ FAB   17th November 07
Yes the fat DJ has moved on, I will be popping up in a bar vey close to buds shortly. Good luck to the new guys in Buds you need all the luck in the world working with the managment in there!

hannah   16th November 07
He has left. new Dj's in there now, they are miles better

Richi   13th November 07
Where is the fat DJ these days? Has he moved on to a new venue?

johnny   8th November 07
give the guy a break- hes hardlys been ther long man! i was in ther the other sat and it was busier than it had been in ages.

DJ   2nd November 07
Hi there, there are a couple of country songs we play one is Yamboo - Oh Suzannah and one of the others is Kimber Clayton - Good Girls Love Bad Boys both are upbeat and along the country lines, hope this helps.

riddle dee   26th October 07
well funny crack, get yaself amongst it man, proper cheap drinks. then go for a cheeky lap dance upstairs.

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