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Bud Bigallows

Low Road.

Photo of Bud BigallowsAn all American Wild West/Mexican themed bar, this venue offers Dancing bar girls and an enormous rodeo bull.
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jamie   21st October 07
the song the dj plays is from a band called the warrant, its called cherry pie.

Trish   15th October 07
whats wrong with the manager? I thought that the new guy was smart

Chater   13th October 07
This place used to be the dogs? The manager needs to get a life and learn how to do his job, destroyed a cracking bar man! AND WHERE IS THE BULL?

Lisa B   7th October 07

hannah   13th September 07
i canit find the song at the minute like lol thanx very much both of yas x

Bar dancer   12th September 07
If Its got someone screaming yeeehaaaw at the beginning its yamboo-ohh suzannah (or however its spelt) its fun =) x

splendid fred   11th September 07
hannah, the one with the banjos? if it is, it's The Grid - swamp thing

hannah   9th September 07
Whats that song called what the dj puts on for the dancers on the bar. not cherry pie the other one its bit like a western one?? anyone know x

binge drinka!   29th August 07
absolutely love this place! the drinks are cheap, the musics mint and its always packed so they must be doing something right. All the people that slag it off must be borin cos i think its a right laff in here. Theres a sexy lad works here aswell, dont know his name but his body is lush! lol x

steven   26th August 07
hiya dj fab you doin a wkd job keep it up m8 glad you did not see my white socks last nite lol

Sasha   23rd August 07
Ahh come on paul, DJ is class, different from other places.. Its only a laugh man... If you dont like it, dont go in.. ;)

paul   18th August 07
The so called dj in here is an arrogant pig, who one of these days will bump into someone he has insulted in a very dark alley, how can he get away with insulting the decent people who pay his wages? Take heed, this man is dragging this place to the gutter!

michelle   18th August 07
what's the point of this place? was in last night and it was rubbish. No more than 20 people in watching two girls attempting a few moves on the bar, i'm no dancer, but sure as hell could have done better than them!

Manageress   10th August 07
Hi all, we are currently recruiting enthusiastic, mad and energertic bar staff, both male and female, excellent rates of pay. To attend our live auditions then please drop in and leave your details with me, just ask for Judith, Ritchie or Chris. Oh and we have applied for a 3.30am licence so hope that answers your questions.

jackie lad   22nd July 07
The dj is a legend, he like looks like jonny vegas.

Lou   20th July 07
max, its not as easy as just staying open as long as you want, you have over heads, not to meantion getting an extended liscense from the council, maybe they have asked and been refused? maybe management can answer this?

Manager   18th July 07
Just want to let all girls and guys know we are taking on more staff. dancers (we have a free dance school once every week) barstaff, glass collectors ect. why not call in and ask for details and join the team, you will have fun and and make a few bob too.

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