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1 Park Lane. Tel: 0191 567 0753

Photo of ChaseOpened April 2002, a retro-styled bar complete with large leather sofas and a grand spiral staircase. Downstairs has a large L-shaped bar while upstairs has two further bars and a wood-floored dancefloor. DJs every night playing R&B, soul and house. The blend of music seems to fit the venue perfectly.
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laurah   4th June 08
tager h, if everywhere in sunderland is so bad why do you bother going then bitching bout it. do chase have room for parties does anyone no, im having a leaving do soon

Claire   20th May 08
I love chase the music is class last bank holiday was mint!

Tager H   19th May 08
The music in chase is terrible these days. Proper town garbage the same as everywhere else. Im not saying this is the only reason but it had a big part to play in the downfall of chase. Used to be a bar to def go in on a night out. Now its just the same as all the others.

emz   17th May 08
love chase, great atmosphere, great music

kyle   4th April 08
natasha are you talking about the one upstairs cos i agree the choons were klass downstairs tho

billy   26th March 08
it is mint in here on sat night but the doormen always ids my mate

itk   19th March 08
shut sundays because of council restrictions with doorstaff ! up for appeal watch this space !

natasha   15th March 08
the new dj on friday is sh*t. where is the old one workin now?

ITK (to why o why)   10th March 08
cause they dont want to pay door staff when its not that busy.

Why o Why   9th March 08
Why are you closed on a Sunday night?

?/?   22nd February 08
i av seen one of the females who works in chase working in sheilds before who is she

omg agen   22nd February 08
there is one fit guy and a few fit girls the only guy there is a smallish one and a baldy old guy the small one is fit young but fit and there is a few bonny looking girls for all you guys out there HAVE FUN

marie   12th February 08
why no dj on a thurs bring the funny lad back, went in as few weeks ago no dj on shit we walked out.

boy&girl   12th February 08
any fit bar staff male or female work in there now we aint been in for a good while ?

omg   12th February 08
twins are famous and little one is sooo hot leanne i think it is mmmmmmmmmmmm

Propah Wild Style...   11th February 08
Leanne would get it like...

loui   10th February 08
the twins are awesome...loves little lyndsey! constantly smiling and beaming! loves her and loves chase

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