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1 Park Lane. Tel: 0191 567 0753

Photo of ChaseOpened April 2002, a retro-styled bar complete with large leather sofas and a grand spiral staircase. Downstairs has a large L-shaped bar while upstairs has two further bars and a wood-floored dancefloor. DJs every night playing R&B, soul and house. The blend of music seems to fit the venue perfectly.
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I LOVE THE TWINS   10th February 08
customer2 i dont know who you think you are but you wanna get a grip of yourself. youre only sayin those things bout the twins coz ya jealous coz they obviously have more friends than you and youre just sad and pathetic. the twins are the most gorgeous fun bubbly class people ever U WILL NEVER LIVE UP TO THAT SO DEAL WITHHHHHHH ITTTTTTTTTT. Update - Customer 2's comment has been deleted, SunderlandNightlife.co.uk

B.E.B   10th February 08
chase has only getin better since the twins started work! they are funny and friendly people. also, leanne is oooo sooo gorgeous! "customer 2" knows nothing about clubs at all, i bet shes a naive underage drinker. no complaints what so eva from me chase, keep up the good work =)

Mark   10th February 08
Dunno what thats all about like because the twins are spot on. Been drinking in Chase for a while now and whever they are workin they are all smiles. I think someone needs to get a life if you ask me. The fact you dont even post your name tels me you're about 16.

customer 2   8th February 08
Comment Removed !!!!!!!!

Molly   4th February 08
LOVE THE DJ on a friday night wonder if hes interestedx

mark   26th January 08
wheres the dj on thursdays hes class?

Claire P   21st January 08
I love chase its mint, the dj with the skinhead is class he has us dancing every time we come in. keep it up chase!

Customer   21st January 08
Luv going to chase to see the twins, mint crack,canny easy on the eye aswell haha ;)

yasmin   20th January 08
grt place! music iz grt! layout iz grt! it was good this saturday night esecially!

rob   17th January 08
food is great beer and a burgar 5.75, amazing.

Mabs   15th January 08
Since the re-vamp its really nice in there... although havent eaten in here yet i know its pretty cheap and do good deals can anyone rate the food?

rob   2nd January 08
i work behind the bar with those twins ryan mate they not bad girls to have a round

ryan   26th December 07
chase is amazing, i think its only bar iv been to that has twins serving behind the bar legends!

Conner   11th December 07
Don't forget Friday nights bring two floors of music. Downstairs playing Dance/RnB/Chart and upstairs at Finos playing everything from 70s 80s and 90s for the over 25s!

sam   24th November 07
chase is 1 of my favourite places to go on a night out cos the music is fab to dance to and there is loads of sexy lads in there on saturday nites! cannit wait to get in there 2nite and eye up all of the hottie lads!

paul (giffo)   23rd November 07
totally agree with loise its good to see a dj that doesnt love him self he s a good laugh and the music is good i bseen him working in bambu a while ago he can mix well

louise   22nd November 07
i totally like the dj on thursday he is funny plays all the music we ask for bout time dj s wernt stuck up there own arse and had a laugh, well done well be back on thursday

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