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1 Park Lane. Tel: 0191 567 0753

Photo of ChaseOpened April 2002, a retro-styled bar complete with large leather sofas and a grand spiral staircase. Downstairs has a large L-shaped bar while upstairs has two further bars and a wood-floored dancefloor. DJs every night playing R&B, soul and house. The blend of music seems to fit the venue perfectly.
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janna   19th November 07
the dj on thursday is so funny but if i wanted comedian's id go to a show, you cant mix for toffee - i can - give me a job.

Wilko   18th November 07
Great bar to start your night in, service is good and staff are are always friendly.

D   17th November 07
friday night at chase not very busy only good for couples night out, but better on saturday night

D   31st August 07
Must say that the older doorstaff guy is lovely! Probably the best in the town! Also really nice newish member of staff ( the girl with the fair hair!) Really friendly!

To - James   31st August 07
Mate, the best bit is the music, I love the music being too loud like! gets me dancin me arse off! x x aye mint bar! x x

james   29th August 07
you play music too loud, otherwise top bar

janna   28th August 07
Was canny good sunday bank hol wkend like! had a few drinks and a laugh was good! mint bar! x x see yaz all sooon.... x x

k   12th August 07
mint pub... great music and the bar men are cool guys! if they id you its cos they get paid to do that!

janna   10th August 07
love it! got my ID now so ask for it doorman i'll clamp ya up! hehe love ya all x x x x

pete   7th August 07
barstaff up their own ass in here, i only go so i can sit in the seats under the stairs and look up skirts hahahaha lets be honest now we've all done it and the girls now we do lol

amanda   28th July 07
was out last night and the music upstairs was way too loud, we were sat right in the corner (so werent even near a speaker) and even when you scream in someones ear you cant hear what they say. should supply notepads at the bar so you can communicate. Louder isnt necessarily better, other than that was great, music was good.

Hananh   26th June 07
love this place, great for the first place to go on a night out!

John   22nd June 07
I like meeting with friends and having a chat before going clubbing =]

Kels   16th June 07
Ha! They ID everyone. I don't think so. Explain why my identical twin went over 5 minutes before I went over and I got ID'd! Something to do with what we were wearing no? I know doorman. It's what they do when they are bored. At 26 I thought I would never need ID ever again. Not that I needed it 10yrs ago either.

Kelly XxX   24th May 07
Eggs! erm, never smelt eggs in here before like.. lol Really love this place, im in all the time, love the decor. Keep it up chase. Kelly. X

Ally   23rd May 07
Yea the doormen have to ID EVERYONE... not like some pubs in town which are full of kiddies. Must admit tho, the doormen do tend to let young looking gilrs in if they have flesh on show...Also, this place used to stink of eggs, whatever they done to get rid of the smell, let me know cos my room stinks too haha.

Stacey   20th May 07
I got asked for id when iam 21 and the doorman love themselves

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