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1 Park Lane. Tel: 0191 567 0753

Photo of ChaseOpened April 2002, a retro-styled bar complete with large leather sofas and a grand spiral staircase. Downstairs has a large L-shaped bar while upstairs has two further bars and a wood-floored dancefloor. DJs every night playing R&B, soul and house. The blend of music seems to fit the venue perfectly.
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disco dave   28th December 06
shout out to Sid weyy!! laid back with a nice atmostphere, love it for meals during the day even if they are burnt lol. oh and stop asking me for i.d please staff...its embarrasing hahaa

boomer   17th November 06
I think lee trundle works there. w##k staff, w##k drinks, w##k everything...

rach   14th November 06
Was dragged kicking and screaming into the place on sat by me mate, and then i didnt wanna leave the dj was playing mint music the dance floor was full and it had a great atmosphre, the rest of the town waas a bit boring on sat but chase was great!!!

connie   13th November 06
A pritty posh place & nice staff to, went to independent to with it been close what has happened to that place totaly not my scene...

paula   7th November 06
I and about 12 others go here sats and for all you who say theres no charvers are talking pure crap as the lot of us are.

ray bombay   29th October 06
That ak does not manage chase don't belive him i know i work there he's full of shit and has no other way of picking up girls AK has to remember that no game and no gile theres no girl...

lee trundle   29th October 06
It's f*ckin mint, robbo banging tunes and what not... staff are classy, mint cocktails and totty yeah yeah yeah you knows it...

katie x   28th October 06
i love chase. get loads of fit people in there unlike the skanky end of the town where there are just minging chavs! definatlty one of the classier places to drink. also serves well nice meals. great value for money.

Lucy*:)*   19th October 06
Love the new referb, very posh ;) No way has this pub had its day, always a good night in here and it always gets busy.

benny green   17th October 06
Chase, along with all the other Ultimate Leisure venues, has had it's day. The crowd from the old Fino's seem to frequent the place whenever I've had the misfortune to be in and the music is a sick joke, RnB in 2006? Try and keep up at the back.

ppl   11th October 06
Love it a lot, more classy than most places in the town!! Anon that is bull about having to show your breasts, I hardly ever wear out revealing and i get in along with a load of other girls ive seen in there!!

david   27th September 06
very nice place, attracts a nicer crowd than most places in sunderland, staff need training though.

victoria   26th September 06
Is this place any better since re-opening? ( in need of new bouncers for sure).

jill   14th September 06
Bar staff are crap, the glrl behind the bar did not know what she was doing at all...

greatest dancer   3rd September 06
i like the new look chase, nice one guys, and the bar is always full of top notch fa**y, not like most other bars that are just full of pigs in knickers!

jules   2nd September 06
great pub usually meet up there and you gotta try the black bull shock, its like drinkin pop till ya get out in the fresh air then bang it hits you!

shooshi   21st August 06
Yeah, that ak tried that "%*& with me, only next time he should try it when he's NOT sitting outside chase in a 20yr old escort complete with 'pimp my bitch' accessories.

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