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1 Park Lane. Tel: 0191 567 0753

Photo of ChaseOpened April 2002, a retro-styled bar complete with large leather sofas and a grand spiral staircase. Downstairs has a large L-shaped bar while upstairs has two further bars and a wood-floored dancefloor. DJs every night playing R&B, soul and house. The blend of music seems to fit the venue perfectly.
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leanne n nat   9th August 06
love it love it love it!!!! chase is class, really good bar to start ya nite off in, cheap booze n good place to catch up wif ya mates.

mish   5th August 06
AK - what a dickhead!! I bet you couldn't run to the corner shop never mind anything else. just cos you drink champagne doesn't make you god.

AK   31st July 06
Back off Tash, I Am! This is my Club, I run most these venues along with my mums corner shop.

tash   28th July 06
That ak dude should be barred for crap chat up lines, this week says hes a gangsta, what a loser...

tash   23rd July 06
Well last time i was there this random 5ft skinny guy came up to me drinkin champagne asking if I knew who he was sayin he owned the pub and most of Sunderland. Turns out his parents have a shop (thats all) and he trys that line all the time.

baz   20th July 06
Not bad but my m8 got knockd back last Saturday and he is 33 with a goatee. ?!

susan   9th July 06
Sh*t pub, thats all i can say...

Lau   15th June 06
Bouncers are a right laugh, always helpful and very friendly. Lush cocktails and shots to keep ya goin all night. Love it.

vorders   13th June 06
I take it anon has no breasts!!!!!!!

anon   6th June 06
The bouncers are pathetic. If you don't show your breasts, basically you don't get in!

Josie   24th May 06
Chase is great - fantastic cocktails and the bar staff are actually friendly. Most of the bouncers are really nice and friendly. I go regularly and I always have a great time.

Rikki   20th May 06
Kel you are full of it love. Chase is the warmup club everyone goes to and I haven't seen any charvas in there.

Kel   6th May 06
Mint in Chase, bouncers are arseholes, nearly killed me with the door. No charv central here, especially upstairs.

Sam R   11th April 06
It looks ok from outside but the bouncers are pathetic. Just cos you don't fit in with the trends doesn't say you shudn't get in. Wouldn't go in there if you paid me.

anon   3rd April 06
Been in here once, but walked in and come straight back out it was like chav central!

Joe Sexton   3rd April 06
Yeah, really enjoyed my night out in Sunderland and when I went to Chase I pulled 3 girls, even though I think one of them was a boy! Anyway I already have a girlfriend so it's alright if she doesn't find out. Anyway I would recomend Chase to anyone who is looking for a good night out.

Neilo   26th March 06
Good bar, good looking people, but can get hot!

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