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3 High Street West, SR1 3EX. Tel: 0191 565 9666

Photo of DakotaOpened as SR1 in July 2001, then renamed Life, then Dakota in 2007. Very much a cafe bar, a small room with a bar and DJ stand overlooking the dance floor, toilets and a smaller room up some very steep stairs.
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beverly   19th January 11
i used to gan to dakky but the ganny in the lavvy started on is so a dropped a then this radge from the youthy came and knifed iz a was garn off it like hew. full of benderssoo i will be garn to the southwick social for a better night ewt!

Rachael.   15th January 11
Everytime i go to dakota its always closed.i would love to know why?

Emily   19th November 10
very steep stairs, i fell down three times. everything else was good but small.

Jon   28th May 10
This place is suffering badly from Revolution opening and you would have thought that they would have capitalised when Factory closed as Factory were also taking all the trade from them then. Odds on to shut once new owners of Factory open their doors. I believe the new owners are related to the guys in Dakota in some way but don't see any family love going round when Andy Sutton hits this end of town. The Sunderland nightlife is trying to pull itself up and bars like this, trading the way it does, just shows the non-existent inventiveness of its owners. Change your ways or pay the consequences Dakota. You don't have long left. Destined to be a pizza shop is my guess.

John "MJ" Matherson   23rd March 10
hahaha @ sam, last matchday was mint how. then strippers are top draw. robby cant believe your complainin about strippers, whats wrang with u.

Shane   19th March 10
Dakota, you's are so predictable. Think your page is made up of your own comments, pretending to be someone else, Chill out, keep up the hard work!

pauly re Sam   18th March 10
u a puff like? wts wrong with u, she was class.

robby   16th March 10
Dakota getting worse on a matchday,i thought the dancer was a guy in drag till it stripped off,think I have to find a new bar for matchdays,such a shame use to be brilliant in here!

Sam   15th March 10
OMG! where the hell did yas import the blonde tattooed piece of artwork from? at least get someone who can actually move without being attatched to the pole or her car bonnet and who can actually speak english!

FACTORY re John, Racka & Jakeyboy   10th March 10
Factory was closed on Sat night due to an electrical fault, but was open Tues night for the match and will continue to provide it's loyal customers first class entertainment, before and after EVERY Sunderland game

Jakeyboy1980   10th March 10
Tbh Dakota has always ran better that factory, I have been away for a couple of weeks so missed last match, factorys girls have never tempted me to stay whilst Dakotas have, so maybes I will have to check out the new girls...:-D

Nicky   9th March 10
That's a shame to hear! Oh well I will be having a check in next home match, but in all fairness the atmosphere was tonnes better than what it was last match! Hope to see an improvement

Racka re trev   8th March 10
Atomosphere seemed great to me, the new girls had the lads cheering and in kinks with there antics, especially when they had that lad up on stage, we'll have it sorted for next match ;) i think factory has been shut down tho.

John "MJ" Matherson   8th March 10
looks like factorys been shut down anyways.

Racka - Dakota   6th March 10
The usual dancers have unfortunatly decided on a change of career and got new jobs, we will be rotating the dancers from now on and getting some new girls. so pop in and have a look.

trev   6th March 10
totally agree with nicky and stewy, i been going to factory last few times as much better atmosphere, music and dancers fab, dakota sort yoursel out, seems like you've given up the fight

Stewy   1st March 10
Agree there with you Nicky, atmosphere was totally different in there for a match day,and the new dancers were boring and looked inexperienced! I left after a pint dissapointed aswell, had a look in factory and must say much better atmosphere and dancers in there were fantastic! Come on Dakota,sort it out,be a shame to see a good match day bar go down!

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