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3 High Street West, SR1 3EX. Tel: 0191 565 9666

Photo of DakotaOpened as SR1 in July 2001, then renamed Life, then Dakota in 2007. Very much a cafe bar, a small room with a bar and DJ stand overlooking the dance floor, toilets and a smaller room up some very steep stairs.
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Nicky   1st March 10
Hey what happened to the usual dancers on home game..? I brought me mates in to see them! And ended up leaving with dissapointment!

Racka   7th January 10
hi all, thnxs for an awesome christmas and new year, just a little note. we got more new cocktails for you all to try out and there even cheaper now, only 2.50. 2 before 9pm :)
also if you are having trouble geting served dont forget to use the *NEW* bottle bar near the entrance aswell as the bar in the upstairs Lounge.
Here are just a few of our new promotions for 2010, so pop in and see what else we have on offer and dont forget to look us up on facebook and tag yourself!

- 2.50 Treble vodka's mixer - 1 Bttls - 1 shots -
- 6 Fishbowls -
Fri - Sat before 9pm:
- 2 Cocktails - 80p Bttls -
- 1 shots (all night) -

spence   27th December 09
Gud tunes cheeeep drink. Luv it

Emma Grey   22nd December 09
Was in Dakota last night. OMG the music was out of this world. It was so busy it was hard to get to the bar so we just danced all night x

Racka   2nd December 09
Just to let everyone know we have a *NEW* Festive Cocktail Menu for the run up to the christmas season, make sure you check them out this weekend, only 2 a cocktail on fridays, so get yourself in and check them out :)

Rackare dj lee   2nd December 09
hi m8, spk to craig, apparently its just going to be a champagne and food bar. hope all goes well tho.

dj lee   19th November 09
dakota is a great place to be hope it stays the same now JAYDEES is reopening craig from savannahs is taking it on ....

Leon N   17th November 09
Love rockin the dancefloor in Dakota cant beat the mix of music, everything from RnB to Dance. Really gd nyt out

Brett   10th November 09
I advise everyone to start off here as its always jammed packed between quarter to 9 and half 10 on a saturday night. then move on to black bull, brogans rush, blu bambu. liquid, passion haha.its all gooddd=)x

james   9th November 09
its getting better in here now would love it if the dj had an attempt at becoming more like arizona type of music like old school!

ryan   1st November 09
this side of the town seems to be picking up now next door is open, both mint bars, but must admit nxt dr win with drink promotions, mint anyway

Racka re chris   21st October 09
Glad you enjoyed the show, theres free hot food every home game, next matchday we're having mince and dumplings or sausage and mash, something along those lines, if theres anything you think that might go down a treat we'd appreciate your input, bearing in mind that you need to be able to eat it whilst standing having a drink :)

Racka re amy   21st October 09
Toilets have been re-painted and updated, New toilet roll holders, so on... have been installed aswell, if you have any problems with the toilets then please mention it to the toilet attendant and they will be able to rectify any problems you may have :)

aimee   20th October 09
came in at the weekend, first time in a while, can't make my mind up about this place, seemed such a cold atmosphere, music was ok, please get those dreadful toilets sorted, don't think i'll be rushing back

Chris   19th October 09
match days are mint in here, them lasses certainly put on a good show (ice cubes), especially when they tortured that lad with the cream and the free pie and peas was spot on. defo back next match.

sarah   19th October 09
love that new pole, me and the girls were hogging it all night.

micky and lew   19th October 09
this club is pua bouncin been in too many times and av seen it before

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