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3 High Street West, SR1 3EX. Tel: 0191 565 9666

Photo of DakotaOpened as SR1 in July 2001, then renamed Life, then Dakota in 2007. Very much a cafe bar, a small room with a bar and DJ stand overlooking the dance floor, toilets and a smaller room up some very steep stairs.
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John "MJ" Matherson   19th October 09
i love this place, always start my night here on a sat, got a free drink for busting some crazy moves on sat aswell haha.

Racka re Jules   16th October 09
No bus on m8, as of yet anyways, but im sure the 5 min. walk wont matter so much after your merry from our 1 drinks and free glass' of wine to anyone who asks for one :)

Jules re Racka   15th October 09
all sounds gud. ya must be putin a bus on are ya. can never b a pre bar half a mile away??? lol

Racka   13th October 09
Weve got a new pole dancing pole installed this week, make sure you pop in and have a play on it ladys, im sure the guys wont mind :P
also were opening now on a wed night, the official pre bar for Blu wedensdays @ BLUBAMBU....
cheap drinks 1 bottle of carlsberg, carling, VS, 50p shots, 2 cocktails and all fishbowls are 6 all night long...... aswell as a free shot with your first drink.... woop woop.
anyone that turns up in fancy dress will get a free drink, no matter if your alone or with 50 friends..... you will all get a free drink (not just a shot) were talking wine or champagne etc..... bo' schelecta........

chris   16th September 09
it seems that the smell has been fixed but whats going on with all the kids working behind the bar im not impressed that i had to pay for a bottle that i dint want and yeah smiles do go a long way i always feel depressed and i was in here on monday and i heard low by flo rida 3 times and its the same music week in week out gis a shout when you sort the music out

Katie   1st September 09
Loved sunday and monday night, proper RAMMED like, defo the place to start the night off with a kick...

Racka   1st September 09
the smell has been fixed, new plumbing in now :)

Julie   30th August 09
what has happened? next door is jumping and you seemed so quiet. I think you need to get rid of that nasty smell before I start drinking there again.

Sara   25th August 09
Went in on Sat and the plaice was stinkin. Few people in but could not stand the smell and had to leave. Sort it out Dakota. your loozin customers!

manager   29th April 09
pound drinks are back on monday and thursday

jake   14th February 09
what ever happend to scouse dj in here??? always good set tunes played seemed to be upto date with music...

Alex B   18th December 08
Does anyone even go round this side of town? It always seems dead this place but bouncing down the road. Think the road ends at greens! x

joe joe   5th December 08
had such a laugh in here last night, IGNITION night played some good indi all night,really enjoyed myself thnxs x

dakota   4th December 08
Just a quick one folks,you can now find us on facebook/dakota were you can now find all pics from nights gone by... have a great weekend play safe love dakota x see you on the dance floor soon x

joely   3rd December 08
shame this place not busy on friday nights,but from what i see is getting there. stick with it peeps, as i'll defo be back, have not heard such good quality house music and some of the true deep old school tracks in a long time, felt like i was in a good Defected come HedKandi night...really got to praise you on the great sounds..just whatt sunderland needs a proper underground house night. very nice on the ear..x

paul   30th November 08
mint nite, this place is getting better.. keep it up

sonia   30th November 08
whats going on with daokta? never really taken to this bar much, comments, views, stories. In and out for a quick drink then else were... So i thought, saturday nite gone,in for me drink blah blah then away, But thats just it, Never left.... thanks for a great night x we will be back...

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