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3 High Street West, SR1 3EX. Tel: 0191 565 9666

Photo of DakotaOpened as SR1 in July 2001, then renamed Life, then Dakota in 2007. Very much a cafe bar, a small room with a bar and DJ stand overlooking the dance floor, toilets and a smaller room up some very steep stairs.
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emma   24th November 08
the guy that hands out the flyers is a little hotty!

JayDavis   23rd November 08
thanks to all who turned out fri sat night, great weekend had,anyone on facebook just add us and dont forget to add us on the D.A.K.O.T.A Group page were you can see all your pics and goings on with dakota. thanks again for all your support see you on the dance floor soon..x

Gemma   20th November 08
Is the point of this sight not to make an opinion on places? Well as a paying past customer thats my opinion, obviously people at dakota are not going to speak openly bad of the place (despite what they really think) as they work there! As for victorias anyone can tell money has been spent on the place, it was not a dakota DIY job, come on thats obvious. And masters does outshine next door im afraid. But no worries dakota one visit for me was enough to put me off, just wanted to share my opinion with others.

dakota   18th November 08
well actually gemma you are wrong. Dakota are actually alot busier than masters at the minute and you do not see dakota getting took over by the bank like victorias. if you have a problem with the place do not come in.

Sandra   10th November 08
I know it must be depressing working here but really smiles do go a long way, pass that on to all the staff working there, from door to bar.

Gemma   6th November 08
This sound of town..... Victoria's a nice change; buds a good atmosphere; masters a last stop; dakota no way! It must cost more to open than you take a night, its shocking! A wasted trip im afraid.

gareth   6th November 08
I am ashamed to say visited dakota with a big group of the lads out on a saturday night, and disappointed and bored were too mild a words, we finished up and moved on to a barwith some atmosphere and some other customers!

Sarah   6th November 08
Are the management kidding! The so called jo public seem to be writing the comments as we see them and this appeasr to be a very different view to the one you write about. Give it up! Its out the way, poorly run with unfriendly staff with attitudes. I dont think the crowd will be changing to this side of town the furthest that any good is greens!

managment   3rd November 08
hey all how we doing, just a big shout out to all for the support you have given of recent. great turn ouy halloween night. and top atmospher all round. please keep addin your comments on here or join our face book page as well. under.. d.a.k.o.t.a. drink and play safe were ever you go love from all at Dakota x

management   20th October 08
friday night is old school nights, playing classic retro, this one more for the older crowd or anyoe that knows there music. a nice break from the repeats of weekend. Thurs is rock night and going well. Comments to bad run bar, is taken in to consideration as change is on the way,music policy attidue and drinks offers all changing for the better. the chav reputation that sometimes still has hanging over it is about to stop, this all due to this part of town uping its game. from bud bigs through to victorias and to us here, have all up'd our game to bring you all back here. we as bars here can never stop you the joe public from going were you wish, but you will of noticed the change of recent of the citys bar and club sean, going round in circles, back in day from privalige and idols, then up through to chase, then tonic through to spider. and slowly back round to us. Overall every bar and club put great nights, and all attitudes to bar cultuor is changing for the better...so with this so are we at Dakoto. Thanks to all for your support and still coming to our bar and hope you still keep a commin, love peace happy times

Emma   18th October 08
DAKOTA is amazing, DJ always plays class tunes and there is always a good atmosphere, it is a great place to go on a thursday night with my mates, thursday nights are the only nights i get out because of work but i love it anyway

Chris   11th October 08
Poor Pub, Poor Management and overall badly run, save yourself the trip!

isha   22nd September 08
any chance of hearin some old school here or retro classics. looking for a bar that plays the tunes that plays memories that keep us tickin over. big retro fan of mr p.taylor at t.trees. sunderland born an bred. just b nice have a retro nite here then havin to go else were. all bars are bein asked. 1st to sort it will be garenteed good trade from a good drinkin till fillin crowd. isha x

keran   17th September 08
oh no whats happened to dakota i tried it once and it was okay but i went in last week and the music was too loud, the drinks were expensive, there were vile people causing trouble i hated it

colin   15th September 08
who is the dj on friday at mo, last 2fridays, am sure this kid does kulas. darkish lookin kid, if same person i thinkin of the go dakota good dj, got very good knowledge of music, you should get him to do a old school nite i might go down well. good bar, you wanna keep hold lad you got on fridy,like i say if person think it is then go dakota. p.s you got some fit bar lasses oh yeh!

john   14th September 08
i am a rocker and i must say i went in this place on thursday night and it was not very good. Its to small to be a rock night.

Jak   12th September 08
Dakota definatly has a strange feel. Think i would prefere to put up with the chavs! Its a weird place, not right for the majority i would say!

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