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3 High Street West, SR1 3EX. Tel: 0191 565 9666

Photo of DakotaOpened as SR1 in July 2001, then renamed Life, then Dakota in 2007. Very much a cafe bar, a small room with a bar and DJ stand overlooking the dance floor, toilets and a smaller room up some very steep stairs.
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Steff   6th September 08
I think Dakota is brilliant far better than life ever was, the rock night on a thursday is great, its nice to go there and hear some decent music before being dragged off to sum charv filled bar! Go Dakota!

Sarah   21st August 08
Love Dakota, but it needs a later license!

Louisa   18th August 08
i have been in Dakota quite a few times and i think its a nice little bar.. im 19 and enjoy a few drinks in there before heading to liquid or the black bull (Y) The songs that are played are easily floor fillers and you can request songs of your choice, which is always a bonus :) i say that people from the young crown like myself and the older generation will enjoy Dakota..... why not give it a try :)

vivian   5th August 08
i tried dakota not my cup of tea black bull is tops there dance music is brilliant its bouncy and that is the in music in sunderland now

Lee D   4th July 08
What happened to sunderland night life? I used to love the city centre, but there is nothing left to love. Any new bars opening now have no market to aim for. Takign the latest new bar opened 'Dakota', there is no one in. I also wish the town was monitored more about the spirits they use in there 1 drink promotions, no the wonder they are so cheap!

Samantha   4th July 08
There is nothing round that side of town, its shocking! The otherside of the town has the people, the music and the whole atmosphere. The 'boulavard/dakota people need to re think their management

gareth   30th June 08
dakota is now hosting a rock night with ku clubs original djs dave and andy. plus only a pound a drink what could be better. also come check out katie the barmaid who will be appearing on ex factors boot camp this year.

Lewis   22nd June 08
Dakota's proper awesome man, upstairs there is this really attractive young lad on the bar most weekends. Definitely recommend it but stop bringing your boyfriends in.

Will   5th June 08
It has nothing to do with boulevard! Dakota is class definately 1 to check out, the dj is amazing. The 1 a Drink offer is definately something too good to miss. Well worth going.

The Investig8r   20th May 08
So Boulevard haven't bought it & called it "Dakota" , and it's a totally different company? - I think not. How come I've just searched google for "Dakota Sunderland" and found that the company, Dakota Sunderland Ltd, registered their official business address in July last year as 52-54 High Street West, Sunderland........a.k.a. "Boulevard" ? No further questions, your honour....

chris   20th May 08
if this dj is as good as they making him out to be why is he no longer djing in tiger tiger instead of a bar that happens to be on the wrong side of town

jeof   19th May 08
the only reason its busy now and then is the 1 a drink the music is not upto much and this side of town is near enough exstinct

Shakey Jake   18th May 08
I was in on Monday and Wednesday and it was incredible. 1 Jagerbombs man, I think you have to be stupid not to take advantage.

Rax   14th May 08
hi everyone, just little note.. EVERY MONDAY and WEDNESDAY, its only 1 a DRINK, thats 1 FOR bottles of FOSTER, BECKS, VK, DRAUGHT (inc. San Miguel), SPIRITS and also JAGERBOMBS..... 2 for a Treble...... great music and all requests played all night long......

Nonsense   13th May 08
"he plays a range of tunes from funky house to commercial dance and the odd bit of cheese for the older crowd. :)" In other words...... the same as all the other bars in town. Good luck, you'll need it. ps, Djing in Tiger Tiger and Tenerife is hardly proof of quality.

joanne   12th May 08
the man that hands out fliers for shots is amazing! love him to bits! i always giv him a cuddle when i see him!

Rax   7th May 08
Boulevard have not bought Dakota. it is a totally different company. the new dj is amazing, i was very impressed, he was the resident dj at tiger tiger for 6 yr and also dj'd in tenerife, i cant stress enough just how good he is, the only way for you to find out is to pop in on a friday or sat night and hear for yourself. he plays a range of tunes from funky house to commercial dance and the odd bit of cheese for the older crowd. :)

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