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3 High Street West, SR1 3EX. Tel: 0191 565 9666

Photo of DakotaOpened as SR1 in July 2001, then renamed Life, then Dakota in 2007. Very much a cafe bar, a small room with a bar and DJ stand overlooking the dance floor, toilets and a smaller room up some very steep stairs.
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samanthaaa   12th February 08
I love the little man who stands out side i got a sticker on me boob for a free shot haha, good music..!

mr doorman   7th February 08
hello everyone at life called in on weds very good with the karaoke but a bit dead still early day s yet bar staff spot on per usual good night espc the rugby boys out a bit wild but good bunch of lads i escort them round different water holes they enjoyed themselves in life no probs at all thank you staff for putting up with the rabel get some staff out with flyers ok c you soon next week keep the karaoke on see you byeeeeee

S @ vics   3rd February 08
much better place. huey and sean are legends! you can borrow anything off us anytime lol.x

The Crew   11th December 07
Great bar - totally turned the place around. Looks classy and doorstaff have manners as well as the bar staff. Happy days.

emma   26th November 07
go into life, its classy and the musics great! the drinks are reasonable and the staff are friendly and a laugh, its much better than it was when it was sr1, at least its clean! lol.

sio   12th November 07
sr1 is no more its turned into Life

sandra   30th May 07
The greek adonis barman is the main attraction in this place, me and the girls love a hairy mediterainian man! oooooooooooooooooo

tamara   30th May 07
The dj on friday nites is super super hot. he plays very good music too, very shexi voice, he gets me in the moody and shaking my booty...

The Crew   12th April 07
Think this pub has seen it's days really. It used to be great but when the crowd moves on, there's no-one left in the place. The doorstaff seem ok but I had to ask one to politely let me pass just to get in the place then got a filthy look for it. Charming! The Crew won't be back I'm sorry.

Paul   4th April 07
Really good pub, very cheap drinks! ahh, and alot of fit lasses!

alan   10th March 07
danne - they kicked you out, for what exactly? not for being good looking surely, that is the lamest excuse ever, was it not your attitude, thinking that the world and his wife should look at you?

Danne   8th March 07
Total rubbish they kicked me out. Guess they dont like good looking girls in their venue.

paul noise   26th February 07
Blinded by noise will be here on the 7th of march 07, see you there.

daveyoii   9th February 07
Thursday nights is band nights, and they've had some corkers on, last night was ace - can't remember the names of the bands, but some fit lasses in them, and brill sounds

Marie x   7th February 07
The Boy From Luma Works Here, He Is Fitness! x

Meshia   16th January 07
Was in there with mates if you remember there was two lasses dancing with the two old horrid men hahahahahahaha that was me we got loads of drinks out of them wkd night !!!!

einesteine   10th January 07
went in there on thursday 4th of january for the first time cos me mate dom works behind the bar. The band was shit and it was boring but the pints are cheap for the town, only 1.80 for a pint of stella, well worth the boredom because it will eventually go away after more stellas

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