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Green Terrace

Photo of DivaSituated below sister club, Liquid. Opened September 2003, a small but stylish nightclub aimed at the over 25’s. The décor is characterised by dark leather seating, swirling patterned carpets, and dark wood wall panels. A low ceiling contributes greatly to the cosy atmosphere. A well thought out and well finished venue in an ideal location.
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lee   1st October 11
they have no draught in this place, its a really good club with good music but i dont like greedy clubs who take draught off to MAKE people buy bottles which are the same price as a pint would be and in turn you end up spending nearly DOUBLE for the same intake of lager, if the manager reads this please dont post back saying im wrong, i worked in the nightlife sector for 8 years so i know how the greedy money men at HQ think!

FAO Steve   12th November 09
Bob is right, its an Indie Rock night so thats what we will play. If you dont like Indie music dont visit an Indie Club its that simple. Liquid plays Dance R&B and Chart

bob   7th October 09
it is an indie night to be fair (if youre on about thurs), dance stuff upstairs.

steve   2nd October 09
stop the indie music in diva for god sake its over kill when the same song gets played over and over a again play livley music thats divas only problem

lee turnhall   27th May 09
What is going on with the music down there now, we were in last sunday some goon with a wig non stop talking, it used to be pretty cool cheesy down stairs whats hapened come on diva your gonna loose out to arizona !

cano   4th February 09
was in Diva Sat, is it me or is it gettin really busy down there after half 12, music much better these days as well, drinks could be bit cheaper like on a thurs tho,

Steve   26th January 09
Get Diva open on a monday with the same style as thursdays, know loads of peoople who would rather go there than the point which is naff. basically just make monday a carbon copy of the succesful (and best) night in sunderland.

Becca   14th October 08
Toppa night on Thursday! cept the 80p drinks thing is a bit of a swizz, i hate VK! Can you guys please widen the 80p drinks a bit?? other than that MINT BAR, love it, love the music, DJ's mint!

Gavin   12th September 08
Do they play indie downstairs on a saturday too? thursday are brilliant, we cant we have the mix on a saturday too?

ken   26th April 08
hi splendid fred, yes Tim was the original Panic! Dj, I took over a few years after he was sacked... I was the resident DJ every night in Pzazz and before that Bentleys not just a Thursday... Your going back a long way mind!

splendid fred   16th April 08
diva management, the original DJ from bentleys/pzazz was actually a bloke called Tim. not the bloke who dj's now

ashley chambers   8th April 08
i love this night club great music fun fresh atmosphere! friendly staff im there every sat night!

Diva Management   3rd April 08
All you Babyshambles lovers, we have a treat for you. Adam Ficek, drummer from the Babyshambles is going to be here live on Thursday 1st May, performing a DJ set. Those of you Thursday night regulars will know what we are all about, but those who don't and fancy a change: Indie pop rock dance rnb, we play it all, student style. The night has been running for 10 years now, which started originally in Pzazz! The very same DJ who started it then is still with us now.
£1.20 drinks all night and £4 entry. Get a flyer, get in cheaper

Regular everynight Goer   7th January 08
Admission prices vary depanding on what time you come in, its £1 before 11 and £3 with a flyer (On a Sat) for those who pick one up - Drinks are buy one get one free before 11 aswel, You just need to know what the deals are and you will find that the other clubs are priced the same. Why should they change the price just because it was quiet? it had only been NYE on Monday and it was the busiest club in town by far anyway. understand what you are saying but these days if you dont like paying to get into nightclubs there are bars like Glass spider you could go to.

regular thurs goer   5th January 08
went in tonight... jaw dropped, 6quid in, 3.50 a drink, i know its industry standard but you were quiet.

Diva Management   15th December 07
Be part of the biggest parties this year @ Diva Nightclub. Panic - every Thursday playing a selection of Indie pop rock dance & RnB (18 ) Great drinks offers all night - Get in cheaper with your NUS card Every Friday and Saturday - Chart party and cheesy pop, (21 ) Xmas Eve and New years eve tickets are on sale now visit www.liquidclubs.com for details

Gem   15th November 07
Should keep playing all the cheesy music. It makes our night when Reach by S Club 7 comes on, even when were drunk we always rememebr it the next day!

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