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Green Terrace

Photo of DivaSituated below sister club, Liquid. Opened September 2003, a small but stylish nightclub aimed at the over 25’s. The décor is characterised by dark leather seating, swirling patterned carpets, and dark wood wall panels. A low ceiling contributes greatly to the cosy atmosphere. A well thought out and well finished venue in an ideal location.
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Liquid   22nd October 07
Louis - we only play indie stuff on a Thursday for the students. Friday and Saturday are dedicated to chart, party and pop.

louis   21st October 07
oh diva what have you done playing indie stuff we used to come in here every week but now we dont bother we like the other tunes you used to play hope to get the old stuff back so we can come back to you .

stevey inda   20th October 07
man this places smacks of cheese and smells like it too, can we less the cheese and concentrate on your staff training from now there are so so so slow.

Diva Fan   30th August 07
Comment from Mike, Cool for Cats night will never be any where near as good as Diva. When I go out I like to hear great music drink nice drinks and party in a place that does not smell like the local tip. I suggest that if you like the smell of stale urine and don't mind if your feet stick to the floor go to cool for cats and then come back to a Quality club.

Mike   28th August 07
You should go to cool for cats on a thursday if ya like music!

Morgan   17th August 07
Love this place, proper class, especially on a Thursday night. It's buzzin'! Free toast too!

doxy   10th August 07
this place is absolutely mint cant get enough of the place the place is allways buzzing every thurs and sat music also spot on!

curly James   16th July 07
Diva rules, its so good & theres not one bad thing about it, always heading there, cant get another should play some paramore tho lol best nite there by far is Thursday night, the place is crazy lol and the ladies are Woooooooooooooo how you doing) haha

Abi   25th June 07
Was in diva and liquid on thursday never been in for months but had really good night! cheap drinks, class music. love dance and indie/rock so had good nights in both of them! was loads of us out and we will all be back soon! whoo hoo. not on a thursday tho coz we were all ill on friday at work.

Rem   26th May 07
Diva is the place to be! The music is fab and everyone is out for a laugh!

cloza   16th May 07
Lush iz pua maaaadddd whats tha site?

Thursday regular.   16th April 07
Been going to diva for a while now and have to say the doorman normally do a good job at the gates. Keep young people out very well(much to my irritation a couple of years ago)...did get in with my provisional when I was actually underage though hehe Only problem i've ever had with diva is the way they hike up the prices on bank holiday weeknds (Thursday-Sunday) , think that's really shameful. The doormen also seem to take it upon themselves to spoil a few peoples night when it gets busy. But the comment about feeling safe lower down is spot on, never seen a fight in diva in my three years going.

barmaid else where   28th March 07
And taz alot of people think you need to be 25 but you dont, you used to when it first opened on a fri and sat nite but they scraped that a long time ago they only use that now to keep people that they dont want in out! x

taz   27th March 07
i didnt know that you have to be over 25 to get in! anyway im 30 and the bulldogs stoped me from going in even though i was in my suit !i think its someing to do with my colour?!

leanne   24th March 07
This is by far the best place in Sunderland, ill b there tnite, cant wait X

gay night RESPONSE!   15th March 07
Hello. If DIVA do start a Gay nite again. I would suggest Monday as Tuesdays are so overdone and its better to guild a gay scene by having gay nights every night of the week. DIVA could do it Mondays for sure. Aslong lond as it was about good music and not just gay only. I know Just Think Phil and his myspace/JustThinkPhil has great list of all gay things to do.

Jayya   28th February 07
What do you mean, Thursdays are still really really good. Go every week and always have a really good night.