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Green Terrace

Photo of DivaSituated below sister club, Liquid. Opened September 2003, a small but stylish nightclub aimed at the over 25’s. The décor is characterised by dark leather seating, swirling patterned carpets, and dark wood wall panels. A low ceiling contributes greatly to the cosy atmosphere. A well thought out and well finished venue in an ideal location.
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I agree   27th February 07
Thursdays are terrible now, diva has the most predictable play list, same songs evryweek in the same order, im sure the dj has for cds he plays!

thursday nights   27th February 07
is becoming to turn like infusion...full of spice of ya lifes. i've gone well off it tend to go to independent nowadays bit more rock and roll.

Gay night   19th February 07
In regards to Ben and Phil's comments, we have no plans to operate a Gay session just yet but if we did in the future it would go into a mid week session not a weekend as we already have plans for Diva on a Friday. Thanks for the feedback.

Just Think Phil   17th February 07
I do not think it would lose money being gay on friday in DIVA only! 1 in 10 people are gay, therefore with nearly half a million people in the Sunderland area alone. That means plenty of gay people about. Many people are sick of travelling to newcastle at weekends and would rather spend �20 taxi fayre in a pub in Sunderland. then go clubbing. Just because it starts a gay night, does not mean str8 people cant go too. Good gay venues always tend to be mixed anywhere. its about being open minded and enjoying the music. I am sure if they experimented with DIVA that it would take off!

ben   13th February 07
If diva went gay on fridays they would loes soooo much money whats the point leave gay nite where it belongs.

Senorita T   11th December 06
Another fab nite on Sat. Me & the girls shakin our booties!! Also like to give a big shout out to Peter P. Keep up the good work !! x x

Nicole   10th December 06
Wow,seriously GO HERE! It's truly a great night out. Diva's best for the indies and mods and Liquid's better for the dance fans. Really cool decor and great tunes x

Senorita T   8th December 06
Been going to Diva since it 1st opened. Great night out!! DJ needs to learn to smile & more R&B/Hip Hop on Sat nights would make it an even better night out!!

Just Think Phil   5th December 06
I really used to like Gay Tuesdays in this place. Howvever Fridays would be much better for a Gay Night as Sunderland needs a weekend Gay Club night. Diva would make an ideal venue. Me and all my mates do not want to go to newcastle for night out. Would rather spend our money in our own city. Please DIVA go Gay on fridays!

helen n laura   21st November 06
nearly as good as blubambu and ya can go upstairs into liquid when ya bored of downstairs the best night to go is thursday without a doubt

Anon   1st November 06
The drinks are a bit pricey and the enterance fee is a bit much aswell!!! good club tho!

Sam_x*x   30th October 06
Love it in here, Liquid & Diva are awsome, MUSIC is mint.

Anon   30th October 06
Was here on Saturday and it was brilliant!!! A lot better than I expected.....I havent been in for a while so I was quite surprised to c how busy both Liquid & Diva were!! The last time I was in it was empty! I think Mikey made my night!!! Very good looking!

anon   30th October 06
i visited the club recently and when a fight broke out near to where i was dancing i was pushed over and suffered a head injury. No member of staff offered assistance or checked if i was ok, no door staff attended the incident nor did a senior member of staff log it in an accident/incident book. very disapointing as this was my first and now final visit to Diva!

Joanne_Jones   19th October 06
Love it in Diva on a Thursday & Saturday, Music is class and its a class nite.

Liam   28th September 06
what did happen to pzazz? thats where it was for so long on a thursday night. it was the best place to be and i know of loads of people that would love it to open again. bring back the pzazz!

anon   10th September 06
has it ever crossed anyones mind tht the door staff are just doing their job which they are being paid for. cut them some slack they are providing a service, if they did not do their job there would be lots of bother and a lot of underage drinkers in the bar and we dont want that do we.