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Green Terrace

Photo of DivaSituated below sister club, Liquid. Opened September 2003, a small but stylish nightclub aimed at the over 25’s. The décor is characterised by dark leather seating, swirling patterned carpets, and dark wood wall panels. A low ceiling contributes greatly to the cosy atmosphere. A well thought out and well finished venue in an ideal location.
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Gary   19th July 06
Staff should be trained in hygiene as I was given a bottle at the bar, took a swig and give it back because it was so warm. He took another one out of the fridge and put the lid on the one I returned... YUK. Lisa I agree with you. Although it is the same DJ it just doesn’t come close to Pzazz. It needs reopening, even though worse would probably happen in there than above. Lol.

zoey n bex n loub   14th July 06
luvin the sexy bouncers dave n peter!! fab music the dj rocks! toilets are clean, fab nite out!

anon   11th July 06
Door staff are well trained and professional. They do stop lots of under 25's no matter what they are wearing! and how often do you feel unsafe in Liquid or Diva? They're great at their jobs and should be shown respect.

Lau   15th June 06
Too claustrophobic- sort it out Diva!!

lisa   7th June 06
Bring back pzazz, what ever happened to that club? it was mint. No matter how hard Diva tries it will never quite compare.

Jack   24th May 06
Is Diva over 25s? When? Half of the people in there aren't even old enough to vote, never mind have a few wrinkles! Used to really like it but the Glass Spider rules now.

babs   18th May 06
yes i agree with you sally, the DJ is moody and the drinks are not cheap

Sally   11th May 06
Dance floor is small, the music is ok but the DJ is a moody git

Dave   1st May 06
Dissapointing, far too busy, complex lay-out and expensive drinks. Saying that, it's always busy so it must have some appeal.

diva lover   18th April 06
if your into indie/rock music then this is the place for you, thursday nights, be there or be square, its awesome

babs   18th April 06
If you wear a short skirt and tight top you can guarantee to get in, even if you're under 25. Doorman are rubbish, but once your in its an ok club.

Neilo   26th March 06
Good night club, but doormen can be funny with clothing.

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