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High Street West.

Photo of FactoryPreviously known as Masters, Factory is buzzing with energy, with one of the biggest dance floors in any bar in Sunderland, you are guaranteed a top night including all your music needs, a great atmosphere and the well known flaming sambuca!

Not only do Factory cater all your partying needs, they also provide a place to see entertainment before and after the match and are well known for a relaxing drink before heading to the theatre.

During the week are some not to miss student nights, from chart and r'n'b to local bands to scouse house! And don't forget the fantastic drink offers including our 11PM happy hour which is not to be missed.

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:)   21st December 14
Wicked like loved the weekends in this place bring it back

Kevin Johnson   7th April 11
I remember the good times I have had in here.... All the laughs, all the cheap booze even the bouncer was a right laugh.... what ever happened to this pub? I do miss it a bit, and as soon as you closed so did dakota, was there something wrong with the structure of these buildings? Nightlife in here isn't the same the music is too dancey and drinks are very expensive.....cheap night out hit glass spider on a monday now :) what ever happened to that young DJ you had? don't see him around the town anymore! I hope he is still Dj-ing just cos I know he was Lazy but he knew how to get the crowd going on a match day :) Its a shame to see a good Club go to waste... All the best to all the staff whatever you are doing.

Louis   24th November 10
Hows the new place doing ?

sam   17th July 10
was always class when i was in, good luck factory people woteva y doin

sam   8th July 10
Becky Howe its wicked ....... any song you want you can listen .......

Graeme   25th May 10
bigger and better things nah they aint lol good luck to andy sutton and i forget his name but hes blonde hair i think, i know the bar i am in now are looking at buying places in sunderland to join the reflex that we already have over there but its so hard to find a decent location, ill be honest i was messed around so much by one of the managment that he phoned me to offer me work and i said no cant be arsed with it like i said good luck to the future for the place and sunderland will be a better place without the previous tennants goodluck guys

tasha   6th May 10
r you reopening then or not? i cant remeber the last time i saw you open

6sick6 Promotions   24th April 10
hey, are you guys still booking bands ? can you contact me via myspace.com/6sick6promotions if that is possible

colin   22nd April 10
well mike i dont think revolution has got a good name at the moment so dont think the people who have got factory will be botherd you have to give people a chance to open new pubs because the way this city is going it needs all the help it can get to be a good night out good luck to factory when it opens hope all goes well

Michael - Re - Kojak   22nd April 10
Not me mate. Would not hide behind a false name. Left the business in January. As for bigger and better things. Well, fingers crossed for them.

Mike   21st April 10
This place needs big money spent on it if it thinks it can re-open and survive and cater for the crowd revolution will attract. Dont think any point in chav bars being open cos none of them will come down this part of town anyway. No offense to anyone of the nightclub owners mentioned but can they really open a bar that keeps on pushing the quality of places to go in the city? Probably not

Kojak   21st April 10
Matty? Micheal or Peter? Me wonders!

matty   14th April 10
Graeme, i heard it's not nxt dr but the son who has passion is opening it, apparently the owners of factory have moved onto bigger and better things, hey i say good luck to them as was always a toppa bar when i went in, won over nxt door every time

Graeme (DJ)   8th April 10
Hi Andy m8 nope due to the bar being so quiet i was thrown out like an old rag but hey if that didnt happen i would'nt have met the company im working with now in newcastle so im now in newcastle both friday and saturday's now @ Balmbras which never has a quiet weekend as for your party i enjoyed myself aswell as your crowd were well up for some decent tunage lol but as i have been told from an informent @ revouloution the vodka bar opening up over the road that the people that run dakota next door are taking over factory soon maybe a change for the better but only time will tell dont forget to pass my number round your family and friends m8 and hope you find a good venue to party in all the best Graeme

andy   24th March 10
Factory whats going on i came in with a few friends and that dj graeme wasnt in he was a credit to your company i booked him for my party at the end of feb and he was great not one bad comment about the lad and pretty cheap aswell :-) just looked back on previous comments and notice he djs in newcastle also so think i might venture over there instead.

factory re george   11th March 10
yeah we are open, like we said previously we are very sorry for inconvenience we may of caused but we had to close unexpectedly due to maintenance, but everything is sorted now, so it will be business as usual.

george   10th March 10
are you open? you's werent open on sat or mon.

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