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High Street West.

Photo of FactoryPreviously known as Masters, Factory is buzzing with energy, with one of the biggest dance floors in any bar in Sunderland, you are guaranteed a top night including all your music needs, a great atmosphere and the well known flaming sambuca!

Not only do Factory cater all your partying needs, they also provide a place to see entertainment before and after the match and are well known for a relaxing drink before heading to the theatre.

During the week are some not to miss student nights, from chart and r'n'b to local bands to scouse house! And don't forget the fantastic drink offers including our 11PM happy hour which is not to be missed.

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Shauna   18th October 09
Was in at the weekend, it was absolutley fantastic, will definatley be coming in here more often, what a fantastic atmosphere. Don't let them childish comments below get you down, definatley the best bar that side of town, well done for turning what was masters into a fun place to be again :-)

Factory - Re - Terrance   18th October 09
The internal and external was painted in line with the instructions of one of the previous directors. There are plans ongoing at present to overhaul the internal and external and also get some new signage. Luckily, we have been so busy of late that we have been able to afford to start design work on this. Be patient. x x x x

paul   15th October 09
absolute smashing place, love every min am in, tunes are class and i have no idea what 'billy lad' is on like cause the lasses are the nicest girls in town, especially kirsty always got a smile on a face and makes the place even better. Roll on the weekend.

jord - Re billy lad   15th October 09
are you gay like mate! its all good theme! stunners! if you dont like whats outside your not guna like whats in side are you! best place to be on a match day!

Factory - Re Billy Lad   15th October 09
Sorry to hear you feel like that Billy but your points have been taken on board and will be addressed. Lots of people think our girls are great and they picked there own outfits. We don't force them to wear that. Although now the winter is fast approaching, don't think those frilly knickers are going to last do you hehe? x

Terrance Cooper   15th October 09
i havent been to sunderland in a long time, but i passed by on sat night to see some old friends, we usually would end up popping in to masters as we pass, but now its called factory, what on earth has happened to the decor in here, it used to be lovely and the paint job outside is absolutly horrific, why would they paint over thebeautiful sandstone? those fire dancers were terrible, i really hope you didnt pay them to do that, i could seriously have done better.

billy lad   13th October 09
them lasses with the red frilly knickers, whats the craic with that, they look like cheap hookers and their certainly doing there job workin that street corner. puts me off on a matchday.

Deano   12th October 09
Satruday neet was banging. drinks offers are mad for a sat nite! keep it up factory. see ya next week x

M   11th October 09
They're starting a battle of the bands soon with a varied amount of styles - a rarity these days.

carly   10th October 09
the toliet in here was so mingin it made me gag. eughh

sarah   19th September 09
Had a great night lastnight, was proper rammed. Music was fab. Keep up the good work, you've defo turned this bar round for the better. Well done

Factory Management - Re - Lisa and Jenny   3rd September 09
Hi Girls....Sorry you feel like that. We don't agree with either of you but your points have been taken on board. The DJ is open to ANY requests at ANYTIME and all premium drinks are in stock together with cheaper drinks if thats what a customer wants so we are a little confused by these comments. Jenny, we will ensure the smoke issue is sorted but I was in on Sunday and didn't class it as a problem, also, if you prefer next door well fine, there a good bunch who are trying to please people just like we are. While we are on, BIG BIG BIG thanks to everyone for the Weekend. It was our best ever! lol x x x

Becca   3rd September 09
Me and my mates came in the other night for my birthday, loved the champers and tunes! it was brilliant! we weren't going to go in at first but definately glad we did! see you next weekend!

Lisa   2nd September 09
this has got to be the worst place in Sunderland. It's a total chav den. If you like crap music, crapper drinks and less atmosphere than outer space then go here.

jenny   1st September 09
i went in on Sunday and i couldn't see for all the smoke it was bloody awful prefer it next door like...

Julie   30th August 09
WOW, this place is excellent. Fantastic music with friendly staff, there is a wide variety of drinks at a fab price. You's have done really well and totally transformed this bar. Keep up the good work and I'll be in every week, a place not to be missed. WELL DONE!

Factory Management   25th August 09
Hi all. Just a quick one to say thanks to EVERYONE for the comments received. We just keep getting better and better, week after week and its all down to you lovely people who come in. BIG THANKS! x x x x x x x x

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