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High Street West.

Photo of FactoryPreviously known as Masters, Factory is buzzing with energy, with one of the biggest dance floors in any bar in Sunderland, you are guaranteed a top night including all your music needs, a great atmosphere and the well known flaming sambuca!

Not only do Factory cater all your partying needs, they also provide a place to see entertainment before and after the match and are well known for a relaxing drink before heading to the theatre.

During the week are some not to miss student nights, from chart and r'n'b to local bands to scouse house! And don't forget the fantastic drink offers including our 11PM happy hour which is not to be missed.

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Bri   19th April 08
Much better when it was modo, its crap now, they have tried to sophisticate the place but it just cant be done. The toilets are horrible i feel sick at the smell of them. The foreign lad who promotes talks crap he shouts two for 1 or 3 for 1 and when you go to the bar and tell you its only on cheap bottles of lager and minging alco pops, what a con to get you in. I would advise evry 1 not to go in there you wil be disapointed. Lets hope masters closes down just like life....Strippers on pre match dont even go fully naked only go topless...

twins   2nd April 08
a nice night out, well done john x

steven   17th March 08
match days are brill in hear chris you do a brill job m8 be back next match day m8 love the dancers and the pranks you play big up to mike as tarsan for getin jane pmsl keep up the good work all

Marty Blackbird   7th March 08
captain america I like wearing shorts aswell, aha i have found your weakness! like cryptonite to superman your weakness is men in shorts.

Happy Camper   3rd March 08
Who is the new ginger barmaid lol! Cute

Sarah   28th February 08
was in last nite.. really like what they done with the place :thumbsup:

Andrea   21st February 08
oo liking what they have done.. Looks much BETTA : )

john   21st February 08
Alan i hear what your saying about the place mate, and appreciate all comments both good and bad, however what does concern me is the fact that your comment was posted on the 14th (Masters opening night). I cant think of a good reason why anyone would go home from town early to post a comment about a bar that had just opened that night? Unless you are some form of competition? Or addicted to this site? Those are the only conclusions i can come up with. If the later is the case i would start concentrating on your job instead of bitching on here as its really doing anyone any favours. In reply to not important and Mark, toilets are getting sorted properly in the near future, main bar was obviously a priority, and there will be loads going on on matchdays mate, much better show than before! Essay over haha, hope to see you all in soon! John

alan   18th February 08
JOHN.. i dint say it was negative.. did i? NO... i think you done a good for what you done with it mate its looks much betta !

mark_f   18th February 08
was in here on sat, lovin the new decor its topper, a big change, keep it up modo, lookin good... p.s - i dident see a pole, does that mean no more naked women on a match day :(

SunderlandNightLife Staff.   18th February 08
Dear Masters, Sorry for the delay, we will get a new external photo and add it asap, or if you can take a photo and send it to us along with a new description like above we will add it asap, email is - Neil@SunderlandNightLife.co.uk , Thank you, Neil, SunderlandNightLife.

john   17th February 08
I believe alan your missing the point, the whole idea was to give the bar a nicer and cosier feel which has been achieved, the custom has changed due to this so in what way is a new lick of paint and a bit of carpet a negative?

not important   17th February 08
this needs updating to MASTERS and new pic put up!

not important   15th February 08
haha at them daft inflatables outside 2nite... good job what they done inside.. get them toilets decorated JOHN!

Alan   15th February 08
** Alan - its only had a lick of paint, new floor, new carpet and a new bar top! so nowt special **
ya rite mate.. toilets need doing now ! John sort it out fella

Captain America   15th February 08
I, Captain America strive to serve and protect the people of Masters... with my rock hard pecks and arms of steel i defeat all that stand in my way.... i am doing a fund raiser...ime gonna be pulling a boeing 747 from sunderland to newcastle using only the B roads to raise money for my trip to fight Superman....on his home turf.

alan   14th February 08
its only had a lick of paint, new floor, new carpet and a new bar top! so nowt special

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