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High Street West.

Photo of FactoryPreviously known as Masters, Factory is buzzing with energy, with one of the biggest dance floors in any bar in Sunderland, you are guaranteed a top night including all your music needs, a great atmosphere and the well known flaming sambuca!

Not only do Factory cater all your partying needs, they also provide a place to see entertainment before and after the match and are well known for a relaxing drink before heading to the theatre.

During the week are some not to miss student nights, from chart and r'n'b to local bands to scouse house! And don't forget the fantastic drink offers including our 11PM happy hour which is not to be missed.

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Master Bar!   4th February 08
Modo is currently being refurbished and will open on 14th Febuary as MASTERS BAR! So get yourself down to the hottest new bar in the town!

not important   31st January 08
i think modo is a good lil place to start off the nite

sophh   17th November 07
yeah i like modo the atmosphere is always good on a saturday night and its always packed :) good on it

jess   16th November 07
blackbird your such a muppet you like!

marty blackbird   28th October 07
always go to modo on a thursday...the manager's suits always makes me laugh.

Abbey   21st September 07
I love modo like its defoo the best starting point. We normally go on a thursday and its always packed! Mint atmosphere! Three bottles for three quid and a pound a shot cant go wrong! x

P!ssant   18th September 07
Well... The loos need decoratin but the 75p for flamin sambuca is class! Place is usually dead but 75p! Can't beat it :-D

hah   10th September 07
Depressing place, something needs doing with it ... and the toilet attendant needs to sort out his knock-off fragrances, especially before forcing people to buy them

claire   2nd September 07
modo used to be mint gr8 music but now just seems to be head candi and dj wont usdually play requests x

Alex   23rd August 07
cheers mate glad you are doing well if i can find you some work on a thursday and sunday mate dont worry will be giving you a call

The REAL Nick Hampton   23rd August 07
Woever is using my name, PLEASE REFRAIN, as far as i know, when i worked with alex he used both CD and Laptop so why would i call him a "Laptop King" Also in my 5 years of work, i never "slag" djs off on messages boads, its not nice and not perfessional. I havent been out or worked in sunderland for around a year now, so i dont know what is happening, but is there any need for all this bitching???

alreet nick mate   22nd August 07
i have work mate come and see me at oslos on a sat

steve   16th August 07
all these sites are all about slagging people off its about a review on the pub?! i think its sad for people to comment negatively on staff when all theyre doing or trying to do is their job!

Alex Ridley   5th August 07
only been sacked from one venue which was ku for being drunk, and i dont drink anymore at work so that was the problem and i sorted the problem dawn.

dawn   3rd August 07
i will believe that when i see it love, and know a few of your old venues wouldnt entertain you again alex, if you were that good they would never have sacked you in the first place

gary   2nd August 07
i was in about a few months ago when the dj was tearing people to pieces... must have been the marty blackbird dude... funny as owt!

andy w   1st August 07
fight fight fight fight

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