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High Street West.

Photo of FactoryPreviously known as Masters, Factory is buzzing with energy, with one of the biggest dance floors in any bar in Sunderland, you are guaranteed a top night including all your music needs, a great atmosphere and the well known flaming sambuca!

Not only do Factory cater all your partying needs, they also provide a place to see entertainment before and after the match and are well known for a relaxing drink before heading to the theatre.

During the week are some not to miss student nights, from chart and r'n'b to local bands to scouse house! And don't forget the fantastic drink offers including our 11PM happy hour which is not to be missed.

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josh   20th March 07
Lauren who works there is the 1 lyk. best barmaid in the town.

Rach   20th March 07
3 Alcopops for 3 on a Thursday! Wahooo! Fab loves it start there all the time!

Scotty   20th March 07
This place hasnt got much room but that doesnt stop it from been one of if not the best clubs in sunderland especially thursday sambuca 75p from 7-8:30pm top quality!!!

Pottsy   19th March 07
Best bar in Sunderland by miles. Friendly staff, friendly promo guys, friendly bouncers and friendly manager. You can't really go wrong!

PAULLY HERRON   26th February 07
Great Place, Hats off to the best door staff in Sunderland.

Sambuca   25th February 07
Sambuca is sold for 75p before half 8 on Thurs.

kym   24th February 07
the only reason that this place gets packed is because its the only place anyone under 18 can get in!

Acquiesce   18th February 07
Live music at Modo, Acquiesce featuring bands Carnation, The Restaurant, Mid Term Break and The Sideline. 27th February, �3 entry.

paul murley   14th February 07
on thursday nights, do they sell sambucas for about 75p or is sum1 got it wrong

beddaz crew   1st February 07
this place is poor compared to the red lion

Dave   23rd January 07
This place hasnt changed in 5 years!! Same flyer, same offers, same music and it was bad 5 years ago! This place is the pits.

einesteine   10th January 07
good atmosphere, fit birds and the deal for three drinks for three pound is quality. I was there on thursday the 4th of january when the cops raided the place for id restrictions. I'm 18 but i still slipped out past the coppers quick smart, not worth the sh** if they think you dont look old enough

alan   7th January 07
whats with all the bitching? If you dont like the music the doorstaff or anything else dont go in as there are plenty of people who love it so stop winging

Ben   6th January 07
music seems to have changed now in here on a thurs, if you go from about 9:45 til 11 its packed! Good drinks offers on too!

AnOn   2nd January 07
The barman wiv the blonde hair is well fit.. he needs it cut tho lol : )

WAZ   14th December 06
Tommy C. Numero Uno Sessioner.... haha

tom   14th December 06
Modo is the place to go to start off an absolute mint session... me and waz always session that place evil place...

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