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12/14 Green Terrace. Tel: 0191 567 0852

Photo of FitzgeraldsPart of the Fitzgeralds chain of traditional pubs this is everything you'd expect - patterned carpets, raised seating areas, fancy light pendants, a pool table, and a big wooden bar serving the full range of drinks including real ales. A small doorway leads to a second room which is decorated with a nautical theme.
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daren Lloyd   28th July 08
as a real ale drinker this pubs beer is spot on, try it out even belfs hairs gone gray serving the real ale in the citys no1 pub

Clubhead1980   21st July 08
Good pub, used to start my nights off there back in 1999 when I was 19. Don't go in there much now, but thats not through choice though, normally my mates go straight past it. Good memories though.

Sam Pearly   26th May 08
If your going for drinks in Sunderland city center go here and then the white room, everywhere else is... well, not as good.

Eamonn Reynolds   14th May 08
Sunderlands best city centre pub. The real ale is class particuarly Samson, Double Maxim and the Darwin Beers.

JEFF LEE   11th May 08
the beers fab in this public house and the crack is good,but i think its time that the pub has a good lick of paint, and a spring clean

Steve Pilkington   20th March 08
Great memories from this pub. Used to be in there practically every day when I was a "sweaty" in the early 90s.. lost count the amount of times I used to sit with my Poly (as it was) mates there in the left hand window table getting rid of that Grant. Been back since and it's not changed a bit, and all the best for it. PLEASE NEVER CHANGE! It might be a chain but it's got more character than most Sunderland pubs.. long live Fitzies!

TIM HOPE   17th February 08
haveing just come back to sunderland after my spell in london, on my visit to the town i called into my old watering hole, WHATS GONE WRONG this was a great pub the blond doorman is well over the top bullying customers, get a life pal this is not a pub full if chavs, stop spoling a great bar, will you, all in all the beers still great hope you sort your problems out.

calla   11th January 08
yes think its a nice pub for a drink but come on belf smile stop running a good pub down

dave cowley   29th December 07
theres more life in half a pound of sausages than this pub, the blond door man is well over the top why, but the beers great by the way.

Publican   23rd November 07
Went in the other night for a pint on a birthday night out. Got a pint which was ok and headed to the back of the pub for a bit of space. Only then did i notice a strong smell of sperm. Whats been going on back there!

jay bee   10th August 07
Not my type of pub, but it's ok when there's all your crazy mates with ya and ya just have a laugh!

Miller   3rd August 07
Decent pub to end the night out but have been students drug dealing in toilets.

Lee   27th June 07
never been in but judging by the comments ad advise ya to walk a few paces further up and go in vision

Well what can i say theres more life in the stags head on the wall ,this pub is for the over 40 rich kids and tax men but the one plus side is the beers fine and thats it ,the only time i will pop in here is if its raining.

The Crew   12th April 07
This is sometimes our starting point. It dies down later on at night. There used to be some class lock-ins a few years ago but alas no more fun to be had into the small hours. No worries - we always find somewhere. We're a bit concerned about their expensive drinks now. Be careful Fitzy's - it's been the death of many bars..

Lucy   23rd March 07
I used to like it here until a member of the bar staff who looked younger than me asked for ID. Which I don't take out since I haven't been ID'd for about since I was about 15! It's ridiculous really. I go in frequently then some little lad asks me for ID. If that's the case I suggest you get rid of your doormen who we walked right past. Never AGAIN will I be drinking in this establishment.

steve   9th March 07
Class pub. excellent for guest ales. 9/10 for me. good management and staff are very friendly