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12/14 Green Terrace. Tel: 0191 567 0852

Photo of FitzgeraldsPart of the Fitzgeralds chain of traditional pubs this is everything you'd expect - patterned carpets, raised seating areas, fancy light pendants, a pool table, and a big wooden bar serving the full range of drinks including real ales. A small doorway leads to a second room which is decorated with a nautical theme.
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TOMMY SWIZZLER   26th February 07
A bit boring but staff are good and beers are fine.

ME!!   16th January 07
only been in once and they wernt even playin any music. do they usually, apart from that staff and atmosphere were kewl!!!! :0)

Spike   9th January 07
Great bar, great beer, friendly staff.

L   1st January 07
Pubwise, this is probarbly the best in the town. I wouldn't recommend for a night out, but for a quiet pint you cant go wrong. Good atmosphere and friendly bar staff.

gary   23rd December 06
lovely staff and canny pint.... keep up good work

Emma Newlands (GLASGOW)   19th November 06
Fitzgeralds is a fantastic starting point to any night out as the atmosphere is great and their shooters are fantastic! Great for all ages!

Mandy_K   18th October 06
Sometimes start our night in Fitzgeralds, still gets really busy, and you get a very nice drink in a classey pub.

sean   30th August 06
best bar in sunderland

kate   29th July 06
its crap because if you are small they recon you are underage

Lau   15th June 06
Too packed but cheap booze.

jackie   14th June 06
Loverly warm atmosphere, can go in like a tramp and no one cares. my barmaid friend Lindsey is beautiful to you guys, lol !

Alan   12th May 06
No longer cheap booze in here. Prices recently went up and it's really expensive! Especially the wine. Avoid unless you have plenty of spends!

babs   11th May 06
it may be cheap booze but it gets too packed and i never enjoy my drink coz it gets too warm in there

Neilo   26th March 06
Cheap booze from around the globe, what more can I say?