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Park Lane

Photo of GatsbyRefurbished May 2009 with 2 floors. Ground floor long straight bar with modern contempary surroundinds with good selectiom of beers and food excellent outside area with heaters. 1st floor has an artdeco design with a corner bar and luxury surrondings.
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Nando   27th May 12
Love the music here, old school funk and disco. The only place in Sunderland with pure classy music. Visiting again this weekend. Could I just ask , how much for a bottle of JD? And do you provide the complimentary mixers or does it have a charge to it?

Karen   21st May 12
Hi Meg, When you come into Gatsby please ask for Declan, he will give you a couple of bottles of bubbly and seome free shots. Congratulation and Have a great night x

Meg   15th May 12
Hey I am in Sunderland for a hen night on the 2nd June. There will be around 20 of us I was just wondering if you would do us something special to help us to help gem see her last weekend of freedom off with a bang. Any chance of free shots of something if we come in?

Beth   19th March 12
Hi there i alwas go i gatsbys it is a great place to go joe who works there is a great bubbly person who can have a laugh the food is gorgeous and i was jut woundering if you could tell me the bar staff pete's second name hahah :D

Karen   14th September 11
Sorry Helen I didn't read your message until the Chelsea game was already played but we will be shoeing the Stoke game on Sunday at 3 o'clock and every other game this season. Come along and join us. Free nibbles at half time

Helen   5th September 11
Will you be showing the Sunderland Chelsea game on saturday?

Karen   17th August 11
Hi Phill, Yes you can book a table for any game. Give me a ring on 0191 5652372 we still have a couple of tables left for Saturday. Look forward to hearing from you

phill   16th August 11
Hi Karen, can you book a table for breakfast for the Newcastle game for 8.30am? And if so how much. Cheers.

Karen   28th July 11
Hi Tom, We'll be open from 8am. Come along early it promises to be a busy one! Free nibbles at half time too

Tom   27th July 11
What time will you be open for Newcastle game?

Peter   18th July 11
called in for a quick pint to escape the rain and decided to try some fish & chips. Arrived in a few minutes, lovely thick white cod, well presented and piping hot. would definately recommend

Karen   15th July 11
Re Ade, Hi i've tried to contact you on the email address supplied but to date there has been no response. Please can you call Gatsby on 0191 56652372 abd speak to Karen or Declan, as you haven't had a wedding reception in Gatsby I'm not sure why you would be disappointed?. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Karen

Jonathan   6th July 11
Tends to be quiet but cheap enough drink deals - smells like fish though once you head upstairs to the toilets ...

ade   5th July 11
Hi there, i wrote on here awhile ago and see nothing has been posted... i asked for a complaints email address... as i have a chronic illness getting out to sunderland just to go in and ask a question is not going to happen... but i am bitterly disappointed about my wedding reception. After seeing my lawyer on another matter he has instructed me if i dont receive a reply i am still within my rights to go about it another way..... angeleyes.del@hotmail.co.uk is how you can reach me. regards A.Davison

Karen   22nd June 11
Hi Ashleigh, We serve a traditional roast every day for 5.95. Join our 'Gatsby' facebook page and print out a voucher for a free glass of wine to go with it. Enjoy...

Ashleigh   20th June 11
do yo serve sunday lunch during the week or is it only on a sunday ?

Rachael   13th June 11
dont mind it in gatsby's. bouncers are canny,musics canny also the prices for drinks are alright

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