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Park Lane

Photo of GatsbyRefurbished May 2009 with 2 floors. Ground floor long straight bar with modern contempary surroundinds with good selectiom of beers and food excellent outside area with heaters. 1st floor has an artdeco design with a corner bar and luxury surrondings.
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josy   23rd October 09
love monday night dj is hot,and thats not just his music well done keep it up really nice pub toilets are fab

paul   22nd October 09
i agree with james. The student nights in here a great. I prefer the music on a monday aswell but i am the same as james the monday night crowd in the town are full of idiots wanting cheap booze. Maybe think about student card on entry or somthing like that? Dont think theres any point in trying to beat innfusion tho, that place will always be busy

james   18th October 09
Love the student nights in here, mondays are class a dont think av missed 1 yet, went in last wednsday and its just as good, maybe even better as theres no pricks out its just all students like a monday used to be, the musics a bit better on a monday but thats because i like that kinda stuff, but still to greats nights, keep it up and we will keep on coming, any chance you can put some cheapy trebils on for 2? then we dont have to bother going to innfusion, there music is boring

m.b   16th October 09
really like this place- usually go in on a sat- love the music- cool beats - just the way we like it! will be in again this sat :-)

Louise   29th September 09
Lovely food in this place, had food recently for the first time and it was delicious, staff are friendly too and I love the decor (sp?) x

pete dobbs Dj From Modays   20th September 09
cheers craig thanx for the support

Chris   19th September 09
Am a dj from somewhere else in town.. the end of the day this place is busy... pybus is a fantastic dj.. i have not worked with him but have hurd him alot and knows how to please a crowd.. also pybus knows a good dj when he sees one. dj wannabes always try to worm there way in, any way they can. just dont let them. i have only been in here once since its opened as gatsby but hurd its a good night by my crowds. stop moanin about the djs by all people do on here.. your ment to go out and enjoy yourself not critisize a dj on how to dj in a BUSY Bar!

DJ Craig   19th September 09
dave, whats your problem like having ago at DJs about there mixing. ?? whats the crack like, theres just no point hes a good DJ the lad who is on a monday

pete dobbs Dj From Modays   19th September 09
What a suprise, another person having a dig at either pybus's or my Djn. But just a quick question? Which nights of the week are the most sucsessfull at gatsby? The Monday night and the fri and sat, so can you tell me this ''DAVE'' and ''ANTH'' which is clearly the same person as my 1 year old dog could spell better then you can, if our music or mixing was as bad as your making it out to be, how come the three best nights of the week have us both Djn? EXACTLY! so do us a favor, if your going to leave pathetic and FAKE comments on the internet about us, Do it on our facebook pages or the facebook groups so we can see which little prick wants to try get us the sack instead of doing it the right way and proving themselves as a Dj, Like me and especially pybus has had to do, i would put my money on this person not having the guts to put his REAL NAME on here instead of hideing behind a fake one! ps can sunderland nightlife please not edit this comment in any way as i dont think its fair that Djs May loose there jobs due to idiots leaving unfair comments on here, as i have noticed it on other bar pages aswell thanx, 1 last thing to ''DAVE and ANTH'' i have a very simple way of solving the problems you have with the gatsby Djs ......... DONT COME IN THEN!

pete   18th September 09
to dave ....... prick i no who you are m8, grow up if you want my night that badly all give it to you. but you wont do a better job then me. the night has went from nothing to 1 of the best nights out there on a monday. what else you could add to the night that isnt using sum1 elses music or ideas.

dave   16th September 09
dj on a monday needs to go back to mix school, my grans better than that .. nice bar good prices etc .. get it sorted

steve   15th September 09
re anth you still didnt answer the question about what music you think should be played all you have done is have a dig at the dj which to me sounds like you are an out of work dj desperate to get a job by dissing other djs, iam buying new tracks all the time and playing them, and to shaz when you say no consistency in music i didnt know thats what made a good dj because some of the worlds top djs i have seen will play all kinds of music to get a great atmosphere so just because i might play some 70s or even 60s it doesnt mean iam a bad dj it just means i know and enjoy my music unlike YOU

amy   15th September 09
i dissagree with the comments about the music the dj normally has a great atmosphere and if that means he is playing a 70s track so be it as they say variety is the spice of life

Anth   14th September 09
It seems to be the same old kind of music every time me and my mates go in. People talk about it in the toilets and at the bar. Im not the only one who has noticed this.

Steve   11th September 09
Re Anth what type of music would you like to be played in gatsby then

shaz   11th September 09
i agree no consitancy in music, one week funky house next 70 other times its all over the shop...

Anth   10th September 09
Could you please put a better DJ in on a Saturday down stairs.

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