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Park Lane

Photo of GatsbyRefurbished May 2009 with 2 floors. Ground floor long straight bar with modern contempary surroundinds with good selectiom of beers and food excellent outside area with heaters. 1st floor has an artdeco design with a corner bar and luxury surrondings.
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re S pybus   10th September 09
Wud be nice one a month jam or something..was class like cheers.

re jay davis   9th September 09
thanks for playing mate, some class songs you played glad you enjoyed it will have to make it a regular thing :-) re tj thanks for coming in and enjoying it

tj   6th September 09
had another great night in gatsbys at the weekend again due to the great music from dj steve. it just gets better and better every week.

Johnny M   31st August 09
The only thing that ruined this bar for me was the tracksuit wearing fools that were being allowed in.

JayDavis   30th August 09
What a great nite had in here thanks Mr Pybus. Awesome great crowd top class..... Anyway heres to a top bank hol sunday. see you all on th dance floor..x

steve dj   21st August 09
Thanks for the nice comments about my music tj its nice to hear positive remarks as we do try and be a bit different to the other bars in town

in my opinion   10th August 09
I might be wrong but I think anna is from a rival bar. I have eaten here for or 5 times because my friend works here and the food seems fresh to me. Crunchy salad and soft bread is fresh by my standards. The chips, although are not homemade have been diffrent each occasion sometimes fries and sometimes crinkle cut, consistancy might work better. On a diffrent note Gatsby do need to try to sort the pong out on the stairs at the back, its really off-putting, sorry but its true :S

shaun   10th August 09
like this bar a lot our recent warm sunshine has made a pleasent after work drink just hpe somebody takes care of it oslo had a lot of promise but it quickly went down the pan when it was allowed to deteriate

tj   6th August 09
gatsbys plays the best music in town at the moment. usually pop in on a saturday night for one drink but end up staying for five or six cos the music is absolutely brilliant, thats downstairs, dont know who the dj is but hes really good.

Staff   5th August 09
Re: Anna apprently you seem to think its not even fresh food. please come back again and aks for the chef and he will happly allow you a day in the kitchen with him and will show you that everythin is fresh. As for proper chips, once you see the size of the kitchen you will see the chef cant compensate the space to make them. but like we say your strong in putting your words on here so why not take the challenge and come and spend a afternoon in the kitchen with the chef and have your views compleatly changed. lets put your thoughts to the test.....???

anna   28th July 09
would not eat in here again not even fresh food....or proper chips..

Beefy   23rd July 09
Good to see live music @ Gatsbys.How many nights a week is live music going to be offered ?

steve   23rd July 09
re DAVE So come on what do you call dross music then, name one track i play that is dross

Dave   22nd July 09
nice make over, decent bar, same old dross music however. 6 out of 10. imo

steve   18th July 09
Thanks to all the customers who are loving the music we play here at Gatsby, we take pride in the fact we are playing someting different to all the other bars and as for the food its got to be the best in town and if you dont believe it come try it for yourself and to CAROLINE the management assure me they did everything to accomodate you and your friends on that night even to the point of giving you and your friends complementry drinks for the missunderstanding and after you left you come back later trying to get more free drink (trying it on comes to mind)

Caroline   3rd July 09
I left Sunderland 5 years ago, and returned for a friends hen do 03 - 07 - 09. I paid 23 UPSTAIRS for FOUR drinks, and was then told by a guilty barman that it is cheaper at the downstairs bar for the EXACT same round! Not only that, after visiting the ladies, I was then accosted by a doorman for allegedly snorting cocaine in the bathroom, because I had 'rubbed my nose' when exiting. Being an anti drugs person who has experienced life in numerous cities around the world, I was in fact coming down with flu, didn't really want to be out of the house, yet made the effort to attend my friends special night - and was made to feel like a drug taking commoner. Entering that bar basically spoilt my night, and I will never return to Oslo - or whatever its called, never mind Sunderland City Centre, unfortunately - it makes me ashamed to be from Sunderland, and glad I live in another country.

sonia   2nd July 09
been here twice now for sunday dinner, got to say so so gud,gud size great value and well tasty. had a wrap mid week also, oh my god, chicken cajun garlic mayo wel tasty. Presentation is 1st class. compliments to the chef really good food here, and the decor is lovely. will defo be back. x

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