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Park Lane

Photo of GatsbyRefurbished May 2009 with 2 floors. Ground floor long straight bar with modern contempary surroundinds with good selectiom of beers and food excellent outside area with heaters. 1st floor has an artdeco design with a corner bar and luxury surrondings.
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M.B   29th June 09
Where do the pics that get took by you guys go- we got told theyd be on the gatsby website, but dunno what it is ? love the pub! gr8 atmosphere. :-)

Richard   22nd June 09
Really lovely bar, nice open space when you walk in, there are plenty of different places to sit with your drink or meal. Upstairs is cosy with nice big windows to gaze out of while your having a pint or in my case a coffee which was absolutely excellent. I have not tryed the food yet but can imagine it is superb. Staff are pleasant and helpful. Overall a first class bar.

steve dj   22nd June 09
Re Donna ha ha yes i did if you check back i said the seven years i worked for wylam were great and i thanked everybody i worked with,yeah its going good thanks and it is a lovely bar, thanks for the nice comment and hope things are good for you

Lee   22nd June 09
I've never been in here yet - looking back in your messages you say that the dj caters for everybody. Although lately someone (re: disappointed 27th May) are saying basically that this is untrue. Do you play Indie and Rnb?

donna   21st June 09
steve you never put nice comments on like that abt us lol, hope its going well, really nice bar.x

Steve dj   20th June 09
BIG THANKS to everyone who is coming in every week and loving the music we play here @ Gatsby, every Friday we have 3 djs on two floors playing almost evreything and on a Saturday we have the to resident djs plus guest djs playing music you would normally find in Ibiza or Miami from Hed Kandi, Stereo Sushi to Defected classics and the odd Masters at Work all for good measure also BIG THANKS to all the staff and management for making this a great place to work

helen   20th June 09
was in here last night all i can say is i thought it was great will be coming here on my nights out now x

sarah mark   12th June 09
Hi we come in here today for some food and it was excellent the way it looked on our plates was amazing and it tasted as good as it looked, well done to the chef we will be back

Dj   12th June 09
Re Craig. Dont know to which dj you are refering to the one upstairs or down, but i know if people ask for a song we will play most songs if they are good if not iam sorry but as a dj i will only play good songs and if you have to wait a while iam sorry, ill try and put them on quicker. By the way what songs did you ask for?

Re Craig   12th June 09
Im not into commercial music - my friends have requested many songs here and DJ just ignores them. Why? Every saturday we wait for the songs we ask. wait wait wait (after paying a fortune for the drinks) then we get fed up and go. I feel because of this you don't really look after customers.

DJ   11th June 09
Re John Gray, Thanks for the positive remarks its nice to see someone appriciate what we are trying to do here, which is create a nice different bar for the people of Sunderland to enjoy, we know it won't be to everyones taste, but most people who have been in think its great so thanks to everyone's positive comments

DJ Craig   29th May 09
I love this bar, and for the people who are dissapionted with this bar thats fair enough i suppose you could just go and drink in the usual, cheap drink/commercial music bars because you dont have to come here. and from a DJ's point of view like mine, the current DJ is doing a great job giving the bar that relaxing atmosphere.

Jodie   28th May 09
Seemed to wait forever for this place to re open but boy was it worth the wait!. Complete transformation, fab decor, great music (from to DJ's one upstairs and one down), reasonable prices, definately something different. Can't wait to go back on on Saturday - loved the fat ladies! Good Luck

John Gray   28th May 09
Nice bar and a job well done. It stands in a prime site in the city centre and trade should come flooding. I find it a little annoying that other managers/djs/staff feel the need to come on this site and pull out digs. We are all working in a troubled industry and troubled times so the opening of a new venue in town should create a buzz. Let's not forget, if the city centre has something amazing to offer it gives people a reason to come to Sunderland on a night out.

Bars like Gatsbys, Paddywhacks, Aspire, The Glass Spider, Luma and Justice are all at the top of their game and the city centre should have something to shout about.

We have collected groups like Pubwatch to monitor trouble in the city and the North East Business Link which works with Sunderland Council to promote the city, but us managers/djs/promoters have a good product to promote also. Healthy competition is good for business, but the dog eat dog attitude that this city promotes is only going to bottom out our trade.

Adrian   28th May 09
Was in Sunday gone for the match...Although didnt catch any tunes the place sure had a nice makeover

dj   27th May 09
re dissapionted. It depends on your point of view, most people who have been in over our opening weekend have said the music has been class and if you think we dont cater for all thats your opinion, and if you read rachael comments about the dj, we are a lounge lux bar something sunderland has never had, and if this is how you respond to a new bar doing something new and different no wonder people go to newcastle, we take pride in the fact that we are something special and different thats what life is all about diversity and if we were all the same it would be so boring like most of the other bars in this town, so why not try to appreciate someting different intead of dissing the place just because you didnt like it doesnt mean other people will.

Disappointed   27th May 09
I have read comments to say that the bar was going to cater for all. Definetley not! Went in here the music was absolutely BORING! I was disapointed by rachels hype for the bar and I quote "our DJ has the ability to get even the most shy person dancing". I COMPLETELY disagree. YOu DO NOT cater for all therefore not fair towards all customers.

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