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Park Lane

Photo of GatsbyRefurbished May 2009 with 2 floors. Ground floor long straight bar with modern contempary surroundinds with good selectiom of beers and food excellent outside area with heaters. 1st floor has an artdeco design with a corner bar and luxury surrondings.
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sharon   24th May 09
goodluck i think its great opening up again brings more people into town

to the re. rachael   24th May 09
As long as its not house music....coz your sick of it?! How can you be sick of it if you don't even know the songs. Obviously one of the many people in sland who is frightened to grow with the times & realise that House has so many different formats that there is something to please everyone. Galaxy play commercial house....do you never listen to that? Places that are more ahead than sland like ncastle play house & attract people from all over the country. You must be so ignorant that you cant give something a chance before you even know it! I think some really smooth soulful house would go down a blast, something you can have a dance to but that doesnt attract the chav's of sunderland who have so many other options anyway. Cant wait to come down and have a look!

Re Rachael   19th May 09
Hiya rachael, do you know if gatsby are taking on new staff? if so can you tell me who to contact please.

re racheal   17th May 09
When is gatsbys actually opening sounds really good!

Paul   13th May 09
Your right - everyone is entitled to there opinion. Lets face it - if they do play house music and it fails. They'll end up playing lady gaga and other similar commercial tracks to attracted of "the usual drunks" anyway. ha ha

to the Re Racheal   12th May 09
Hey that is your opinian, if the venue was to ever play house then there clearly playing it for a reason...hmmm lets see now, i guess the reason would be to get in a certain kind of crowd in stead of getting the usual drunks who come in and want Lady Ga Ga. if you dont like house, go else where!

Re Rachael   12th May 09
You've really put the DJ on the spot. As long as it isnt house music coz im sick of it! Dont like it - dont know the songs, dont know the lyrics and all sounds the same!

Rachael   10th May 09
Here at Gatsby we will be serving meals from 9am until 6pm. The menu has been carefully constructed to ensure we cater to everyone's taste and of course some people do like to have a burger for lunch. "The Gatsby Burger" however is just that little bit different so why not give it a try and see exactly what i mean. It is our promise to the customer that every ingredient used will be of the highest standard and every meal prepared by our top quality chef will be created to order and not reheated as some bars or cafés tend to.

The fabulous food on offer is just one reason why if you visit us here at Gatsby you will be sure to return. Something that we are confident that will be be a huge hit with the majority of people is the atmosphere and music. With two floors of completely different sounds at the weekend we like to think that every person who comes to Gatsby will thoroughly enjoy themselves. If before you leave home to go out at night you put on your dancing shoes then the downstairs bar is a MUST for you, our DJ has the ability to get even the most shy person dancing. If you (like me) prefer a more relaxing atmosphere then get yourself upsatirs to the Lounge Bar where you will find our DJ playing more classic soulful music. In the Lounge Bar we also have a selection of premium wines, spirits, cocktails and champagnes. If you like a glass of chapagne but like most tend not to buy it on a night out for whatever reason we have a treat for you! Gatsby has invested in a Verre De Vin system that enables us to preserve a bottle of champagne after it has been opened which means we are one of the first, if not THE first bar in Sunderland to have the facility to serve champagne buy the glass!

If sport is more your thing then don't worry we've got that covered too. If you look in any direction in Gatsby you will see a HD screen and with a full Sky package and digital sound it's an experience not to be missed.

For more info and regular updates of up and coming events once we are open why not join our facebook group? not forgetting you'll find us in the Sunderland Echo very soon.

I'd like to thank everyone for showing an interest via Sunderland Nightlife and for the support shown. Hope to see you all there!

Seen it Before   7th May 09
Gatsby Bar & Cafe? Sounds like it's going to be just another run of the mill high street bar serving food during the day like burgers and chips and thumping chart music on a weekend. Daytime trade will be a surprise if there is any. However, we'll give it a chance and if it is open during the day with a steady trade I will revisit this comment and retract it. Don't wait for me though - you may just fade away.....

re..chris   4th May 09
how pig headed and ignorant to think that everyone in sland only listens to party & chart! There is no choice as people like you keep making out that this is all we want to listen to! Watch how this place fills full of classy/nice people when they play quality music compared to the places that dont!. Watch this space...... we can't wait and we counting on Gatesby to be somewhere to get away from the lack of choice due to the ignorance of people in this city not daring to change. Sland became a city from a town....it needs to start having a nightlife like one. Ppl who can't change will hold it back forever!

joe public   3rd May 09
looking at all the comments it's clear that there are so many opinions and tastes out ther! and therein lies the possible problem! does a new venue play the same music other bars do or do they strike out and dare to be different? does a consistent music policy work or do they try different music for every night of the week? to be honest nobody can say it will definitely work, neither punters nor managers and d.j.'s! there are so many variables to consider for a venue to work and some places are popular both because of, as well as regardless of musical policy! few bars and clubs anywhere cater for everyone because it just is not possible! be interesting to see how gatsby's fares.....

Chris   1st May 09
All im gonna say, this is sunder land. you are on about different types of music. the only type of music that works in our city is party and chart...the reason being is we are not Newcastle or big city's like that. Sunderland is more party and dance orientated than funky and indie. for more variety in music you have to travel to bigger city's with more bars. Sunderland cant cater for that!

Rampant Ricarde   1st May 09
No what i am saying is that the people who are willing to travel the country looking for decent nights and "different" music, are not the people who are in Sunderland week in week out and constantly putting the money in the tills, because if they were, as i said everyone would be doing it! Managers are not stupid, if they thought there was a crowd going for it there would be doing it, Djs who play the kind of music your refering too are ten a penny and just about every DJ that plays cheese in a bar does it for the money, they all have there personal "quality" music but rarley get to play it. I know the Glass spider and the music is not that different when there is not a guest on, granted its not cheesy chart, but its still the same kind of club music you get. To compare Sunderland to the Newcastle bars is just nieve, Newcastle has a completly different crowd. I hope it does try something different and new and i hope it works, it may just be small enough to keep a regular crowd, but as soon as it doesnt do as excpected just watch the DJ roll out the Galaxy top 40! peace.

TouchSoul   30th April 09
Re: Rampant Ricarde... So...one in a million people like music other than cheese... and people who like cheesy/chart are gonna be the only ones who put money over the bar. Dont know where you drink mate? And yeah, everyones entitled to an opinion, but your way off the mark...Why dont you check bars like the glass spider on a weekend... or head down to Independant when theres a a good DJ on...or better still the many numerous bars in Newcastle that cater to that crowd and see how busy they get....Peace...

pete   29th April 09
You can say what you like about the music .... there is a crowd in sunderland sick of all the chart and cheese same old same old crap every or most bars are playing at the moment. Gatsby will cater for people who are openminded enough to turn off the radio .... stop listening to the top 40 week in week out. and listen to something different, music that makes you feel good in a way i no for a fact other music genre's cannot. i dare you, galaxy lovers of sunderland, just once, instead of listening to galaxy... turn over to radio 1 and listen to the pete tong show or anni mack and open your mind to something different and you will almost certianly fall in love with what is soon going to be what every bar in town will be playing in the near future. Gatsby is going to be the place every1 will be going to everynight of the week and i cant wait to be part of it. Theres no messing around with this place, this is going to show every other bar in sunderland how its done. The managment will run this place the way a bar is ment to be ran, the music will be the best quality music in sunderland.

Rampant Ricarde   29th April 09
My god you all live in a dream world! Bars to play the quality funky tech minimal progressive or what ever you want to call it house because it doesnt make any money! If it did everyone would be doing it and then you would be whining about "why dont you put a cheese night on!" People who travel the country looking for good nights are 1 in a million and are not gonna be putting money in the tills week in week out. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and this is mine! peace

Adrian   27th April 09
Re Random. Why have a another bar like Rush. Rush does well and thats fine, but because most venues play the same chart sh*t is why theres no choice for open minded people in Sunderland, so why open another one the same. Not to be self indulgent, but play good music and classics people have never heard for ages or before. Plus I know herds of people from Sunderland who want good quality dance music and travel all over the country for it. Get a decent bar established with musical variety over each night and word will spread

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