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Park Lane

Photo of GatsbyRefurbished May 2009 with 2 floors. Ground floor long straight bar with modern contempary surroundinds with good selectiom of beers and food excellent outside area with heaters. 1st floor has an artdeco design with a corner bar and luxury surrondings.
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Gatsby Management   23rd April 09
To Random. Who mentioned house music, the music that is going to be played in Gatsby is going to be top quality no matter what genre or what catergory people try put it under the emphasis is on quality, other than this all i can say is come down when it opens and see for yourself what a quality bar this is going to be

Random   21st April 09
House music will never really kick of in sunderland because people in sunderland have other tastes! its not like manchester or newcastle! people from sunderland follow the crowd and listen to the likes of lady gaga and music like that, now dont get me wrong but i LOVE house but i think if the DJ is gonna have any inpact in the town house music is not gonna be the way farward as people will come in and relise its sh*t and never come back. look at rush now that there is a bar that oslo should take note from i hope as they have the right idea's.

Gatsby Management   20th April 09
Re Kevin sounds like you cannot wait till we open, it wont be long and it will be worth the wait we promise, if you want to know more check out our facebook page its under Gatsby Cafe Bar Sunderland and dont forget to keep checking this page for more details in the next few days as we will be letting evryone know when we open :-)

dj   20th April 09
when ya decide to hire a Dj then will ya lettin people know on here, wouldnt mind getting a demo in. I play funky and commercial house music

Kevin   18th April 09
Is this place every going to opn? loads ov music crack but it dont make dif what played if its not even open! when does it open?

Adrian (re 5h April   9th April 09
You dont have to have just house music. Just avoid the chav/cheesy/rubbish. Good DJ's will be able to encompass the best of any genre into a 3 to for hour set... So a house/soul/funk/disco night would and should work...The Glass Spider plays House music all friday/saturday long (albeit a little cheesy) and it works for them. You've got to persevere to be different from the rest of the crap bars in this town. And to say that music on the tv and radio is what people want to hear when there out is rubbish!

re: 5th april   6th April 09
rock night on may be a wed. A house/soul night means that the bar will only attract those individuals who only like that sort of music. Therefore pop music (popular) music is a safe bet as everyone listens to this sort of music on the radio and tv and is famailiar with it (safe bet). For example - lets just say that you tried a house/soul night and it didnt work.... what would you do..... go back to pop/commercial. I rest my case!

re.comment re.dav   5th April 09
We ain't lookin for a chav bar mate, we want a classy house/soul night! There isn't one of em in s/land yet just ncastle where all the people who got any class or money hav2 go to find some decent music! Not contesting against a rock nite just not every night, other people also have opinions & tastes you know!

Re: re Dav   4th April 09
The Borough IS amazing. Another rock bar gives us choice. You just stick to the many chav bars already out there as there is plenty of choice for you. If you can't remember The Borough then this place won't bother you either and we'll be well pleased if you don't bother it. Oh and The Borough was there well before you were. Unlike nearly every other bar in Sunderland, this one still pull pints and punters - lots of them!

Music   3rd April 09
As long as your music policy covers rnb and indie and cheesy old skool & dance you will make a lot of people happy.

Kevin   31st March 09
Is it opening for easter?

Re: Dav   28th March 09
if borough is so amazing (hence I couldn even remember the name) why are you so keen on having a rock bar opened up next door, maybe you think they should decorate the bar with some cobwebs to? i dont disagree to having a rock night maybe once a week, just not on a weekend night

Re: Dav   27th March 09
Good classy atmosphere? No one goes to the town anymore who would enjoy this hence Oslo closing down in the first place. And if you're referring the The Borough then everytime I've seen the place there is always someone in spending money. Maybe that's why it's one of the longest running pubs in the town. What's wrong - you scared to go in haha! Sunderland Nitelife - why is there not an entry for The Borough? It's packed every weekend!
Editor reply: The Borough has long been on a small list of other venues we'd like to add. We are planning an overhaul of the site this year, with all new venue photos, and a registration/login system, so will make sure the Borough gets added then. Thanks for the feedback.

Dav   27th March 09
DJ talk!, get yaself to Butlins mate... Sland needs a bar with a good classy atmosphere, Adey is totally right, its exactly what we need. Please no rock, look at the the two bars either side that play that music, one's closed down and the other is just full of people who don't even look like they can afford a pint never mind a new jacket to go out for one in

Pete   26th March 09
Let's have a classic rock cafe/bar. More softer, melodic music through the day for diners and more upbeat tracks in the evening.

Adey   26th March 09
Who wants to hear a DJ talk! If ya want to go to places like that, there's plenty of choice in Sunderland. Bud Bigalows, Brogans, Banana Joes to name a few. Do something different, or at least classy. And you dont have to just play house or chart music. Im a DJ myself and play everything from house, soul, funk, rare groove and classic RnB. I sincerley hope this bar re opens and gives Sunderland a decent watering hole for a change instead of pandering to piss head charvers who want to listen to Journey or Girls Aloud all night!

annonymous   25th March 09
I totally agree with kev. Give the point a run for there money - you have an upper hand - its free to enter your place - music policy: 50's - 90's. Loads of dj talk and laughs. Never been done there. I have worked in hard rock cafe's for 5 years across the U.K and can honestly tell you it will work if you get the right djs. Putting a house dj in wont. There is to types of punter, 1 who is cultured in music and does not like cheese, the other is out to have a complete laugh. Which way are you going to go? I am a working dj in sunderland who would like to stay annonymous but I wish you the very best of luck!

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