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Glass Spider

Green Terace, Sunderland

Photo of Glass SpiderSituated on two floors the Glass spider offers entertainment 7 nights a week downstairs and upstairs more of a restaurant style layout with a kitchen where you can everything that goes on!

The huge outdoor Glass conservatory upstairs and outside gives lovers the very chance to watch the stars. With drinks prices that would make your jaw drop the main attraction of this venue is the entertainment and late license. The general layout upstairs are swirls of eye catching wallpaper and more Victorian style seating, downstairs is more for you to rest while you're on the dance floor situated right in front of the DJ.

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re mark tina   6th October 09
the guy who is on before the main guy is scouse, we much prefer the other guy to him, all he does is go on this website and put comments on about how good he is under different names, sad really

droid   5th October 09
what a nyt in the spoider it was on monday foam partys are off the chain lol moe places in the town need to get a grip nd do more stuff like the spider ! my home away from home ha ha woop woop ;)

mark tina   5th October 09
Who's the dj on befor the main guy 12-1230...he's mad, plays great selection of feel good sounds? but of recent seen him jumping and dancing in the dj both. even gets out on the dance floor for a boogie. We think its class. Well done spider in finding someone who truly enjoys what he's doing, Should give hime bit more of the night..Well worth coming in bit early to listen to him...topper

Paul RE GRANT   2nd October 09
There's a difference between having an opinion and voicing a mindless load of rubbish that makes people of sunderland and the bars look bad... constructive critisism is one thing, pointless verbal negativity is another..Glass Spider is mint!

Andy   2nd October 09
I've not got a big problem with the Spider, it's a cheesy venue like most of the town and no worse than most. But seeing all the guest acts listed like that would only be impressive in 1999, when most of those acts were actually famous! It's like whoever does their bookings stopped following the music scene in the late 90s... Ok Fierce Angel is contempary but that's a night that they just 'buy' in, doesn't take a great deal of thinking about

Re Re John   1st October 09
If you would like to discuss our acts etc then feel free to do so. Remember that The Glass Spider caters for all walks of life and the to mentioned acts The Cheeky Girls and S Club were both on our popular Gay Night. Please remember we have also brought world class DJ's such as Allister Whitehead, Mobo Award Winning Tim Westwood, Graeme Park, Jeremy Healy. We have also had RnB stars such as Multi Platinum selling Coolio. Comments that are one sided proves my point.

Grant   1st October 09
Stop getting upset that people have an opinion. Even if you worked in the RItz or the coolest bar in the world. Some people would still complain that the drinks are too expensive. If you dont want to hear opinions, dont waste your time reading this forum!

re John   1st October 09
Apparently this site gives people negativity, regarding what nightlife in Sunderland is like, to people and students. No offence, but this is coming from a bar/club which has had S Club and Cheeky Girls on. Hardly good acts to promote anything other than cheese... It's a shame because this city is so far behind others with regards to nightlife / club / entertainment and travelling students from the likes of Leeds/Manchester/Liverpool will know this...

Paula   30th September 09
we love the glass spider! Monday night was amazing. We came in for the headphone disco after seeing it at the leeds festival and we weren't let down. two channels to choose from on the ear pieces with rnb and dance on one channel and some really cheesey tunes on the other. Please let us know when the next one is, we will certainly be back

Louise   29th September 09
I like glass spider! Came here last night for the first time in ages, the drinks were cheap, the staff was friendly and the music was great! It wasn't very busy when we went, we left just before the headphone disco but any other time I've gone later on during the night it has always been packed. It was cool that glass spider did a theme night and the food here is lush too! Its a bit different having something to eat in spider on a night out rather then going to chillinos or something, its nice to sit down and take a break from dancing and actually sit in the warm and still drink if you want to and speak to the people your with

Michael   29th September 09
brilliant night in here on monday. we were really worried that a silent disco was going to be pants but this turned out to be one of the best nights weve ever had in sunderland on a monday. the spider was by far the best place and if you keep the ideas coming like this you will dominate the monday nights. well done guys

scott smith (supervisor)   29th September 09
I am a well respected member of staff for the glass spider, really upsets me to hear the negative comments towards the place. Grab a grand give away soon in spider, will keep posted. chow guys

steve   28th September 09
you know the best way to stop any negative comments going on this site would be to introduce a registration policy but Sunderland Nightlife will never do it why because if they do it would stop or reduce most of the bad comments put on here and they dont want that why because most people would stop looking at the site and that would mean lost revenue in advertising

Dj Barney (Retired) Ex Annabels   27th September 09
Guys being an old head and been there and done it,i think that the people who are "slagging the bar" are either putting a comment on the site for their opion only. If the bar is still pulling in the punters and it is sucessfull (I know the music has gone more commercial since Kyle left) then thats all you need.The only question i would ask is "Is the standard as GOOD".Good luck and still available to play that TERRACE Soul Funk Rare groove and Jazz sounds. Mark Rowell have you forgott my number???

25   25th September 09
I agree! The Glass Spider is no where near the standard of places in similar cities like Newcastle. Its not their fault wholly its the calibre of people that go in there and round the rest of Sunderland! Its just not a place I would choose to socialise in but maybe thats just me!

Agreed..re A Simple Truth   24th September 09
Well said. There is a quite a few comments on here from people, name stated or otherwise, who work in either management or service in Sunderland bars, who take offence when certain venues are criticized in some way. The Glass Spider being one of them. I remember the intentions of this bar when it first opened to be somewhat of a classy joint, trying to attract a more up market crowd and give Sunderland something a little different. But over time, like most other bars in this city, they slip downhill, with cheap drinks, bad music and charvers everywhere. If people want to go somewhere they feel comfortable, where Lady Ga Ga, Girls Aloud and syrupy vocal House music is blaring out the speakers, then the smart people go to the many classier bars in Newcastle. And that not one bar or club in Sunderland is a patch on.

A simple truth... Re John   23rd September 09
John, unfortunately message board forums are a place for peoples opinions mate. And unless there is genuine slander/threats of violence etc on a site, its simply peoples views. As a business, you should use forums as the perfect way to hear what people think about your business. And decide to listen and take on board any comments rather than declaring everything negative as unfair. (Which im not saying you always do). I reckon any bar in Sunderland who says they are up their with other bars in top cities is simply living in a dreamland. I can list you 100 bars this second from cities in the uk which Sunderland is still a million million miles away from. But, maybe one day standards and expectations from the masses will be demanding enough to see some REALLY awesome places in Sunderland.

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