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Glass Spider

Green Terace, Sunderland

Photo of Glass SpiderSituated on two floors the Glass spider offers entertainment 7 nights a week downstairs and upstairs more of a restaurant style layout with a kitchen where you can everything that goes on!

The huge outdoor Glass conservatory upstairs and outside gives lovers the very chance to watch the stars. With drinks prices that would make your jaw drop the main attraction of this venue is the entertainment and late license. The general layout upstairs are swirls of eye catching wallpaper and more Victorian style seating, downstairs is more for you to rest while you're on the dance floor situated right in front of the DJ.

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John Gray, Glass Spider   22nd September 09
I'm getting more and more frustrated at this site. After promising us a way of registering users so posts can be monitored, we are still to see any changes. I still see that this website is a vicious circle where people are using it to simply stir up emotions and feelings. I personally feel that we all have something to offer in the City of Sunderland and together can attempt to bring the city in line with other places in the UK. I still strongly believe that all this site does is give our new 6000 students and anyone visiting the city the wrong idea as to what out nightlife is all about. Let's hear a response from the website administrators as to how they intend to deal with this? And lets hear from DJ's experienced in the industry and city centre managers on their views about this website! Don't be afraid to use your real name, you've nothing to hide behind!

SCOUSE   21st September 09
can i just bring everyones attention to DANS comment on the 20th september and ANTHS comment ont the gatsby page dated 14 sept how very simillar they are and they are both remarks about the djs well i wonder who works in both venues and is desperate to get work as a dj by slagging other djs off well if you wnt the answer just look at my name

dan   20th September 09
who is the new dj on a sat? Dont mean to sound bad but his music wasnt right for the bar, its not the kinda music we want to listen to, didnt go down very well with others either, they were talking about it the toilets and at the bar, i am not the only person who has noticed this..... get it sorted otherwise you will loose yet more custom to passion, i love it in the spider and dont want to be forced to passion but if this dj dusnt play the music we are used to hearing when we go to spider (which is every weekend) then looks like we may have to :-(

management   19th September 09
Th Glass Spider is now free before 2am 7 days a week, sun-thurs 2 after.... fri/sat 4 after... see you there.x

stacey   18th September 09
iv always been charged between 5/6 to get in, good bar but entry fee is steep

Re Louise   11th September 09
Hi Louise, thanks for your post. The Glass Spider isn't 5/6 to get in but 2 midweek after midnight and 4 on a Friday and Saturday after midnight. Remember we are still the latest place open in town and we have an array of drinks offers every night including 241 on bottles under the line and 3.00 treble vodka and mixer

louise   9th September 09
glass spider was always our last place to go on any night out, the price you pay to get in is just stupid, it wouldnt be too bad but the drinks arnt cheap either, it should have stayed free admishion or at the most two quid, but 5/6 is just going too far, its a shame because out crowd rly enjoyed it, but now its between clubbing and spider 9 times out ov 10 its clubbing, drop the entry fee and the punters will come flocking!

Tracy   5th September 09
is the glass spider having any xmas parties thiss year?

not impressed   2nd September 09
ive been to this place a few times with different friends different nights of week, and this place has a few edgy people, 3 times i and 1 or more of my friends have been subjected to abuse or threatened, (by not so much the older people but the younger ones, half of which i feel was well past their bedtime at 9pm). I will give bouncers their due they have spotted the real troublemakers and are very quick on sorting it out, but it does spoil your night, when these young ones are looking to make a name for themselves because they cant hold their alcohol!

Who cares   1st September 09
i think you will find there are a number of staff who still work at the spider and have done so for years! Fierce angel was brilliant on sunday..... only place in sunderland to have music on the balcony! what a party!

james   23rd August 09
this place used to be amazing. the staff the djs the managers were top class. Now there isnt any1 who works there now who did about to year ago, the djs have completely changed and funny enuf the bars they have gone to are now busy and doing great compared to the spider. Went in tonic and its the same story, different dj playing charty stuff compared to the quality funk and soul you used to hear which is such a shame because tonic and the spider used to be great places to be drink and eat, and ive also heard its getting like this with campus aswell

Marc Rowell   22nd August 09
Hiya guys just a little message to let you all know about bank holiday Sunday in the spider, all kicks off at 3pm on the terrace with local dj's playing you some awsome tunes, this is on till12am and includes 99p drinks and a bbq. Then the club opens at 9pm with the awsome fierce angel our monthly residents, fresh from el divino in ibiza fierce dj's Mike Van Loon & Marc Rowell will take you through till 6am, so make sure you join us people for a bank holiday to remember!

Simon   18th August 09
Whats happening to this place ? Why are the owners/manager letting it run into the ground ? Is it going to be the new Vision ? I hope not as it used to be a really nice place to go.

ginja ninja   6th August 09
Is Mark Doyle on this weekend?(8th Aug) Coming up from london and theres no info on the website

helen   30th July 09
u shouldn't have been greedy in the first place charging people in and the place would be busy so i think you have lost your customers now, no turning back, me and the girls go to arizona now

DJ Craig   30th July 09
Am glad the spider is going back to free entry. hope to see the place get busy :)

re. glass spider mgm   28th July 09
R you going back to the roots with the dj's & the music too? I dont even come in now that the music is so chavy and the same as everywhere else? Take it totally back to the roots b4 the place goes any further downhill :(

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