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Glass Spider

Green Terace, Sunderland

Photo of Glass SpiderSituated on two floors the Glass spider offers entertainment 7 nights a week downstairs and upstairs more of a restaurant style layout with a kitchen where you can everything that goes on!

The huge outdoor Glass conservatory upstairs and outside gives lovers the very chance to watch the stars. With drinks prices that would make your jaw drop the main attraction of this venue is the entertainment and late license. The general layout upstairs are swirls of eye catching wallpaper and more Victorian style seating, downstairs is more for you to rest while you're on the dance floor situated right in front of the DJ.

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Glass Spider Management   23rd July 09
The Glass Spider is going back to it's roots for August! FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT FRIDAY & SATURDAY

That's right...Everyone remembers the Spider for two things, it was the latest place open in town and was free to get in!

So, throughout August we are going back to our roots...Not only will we be free entry but we will be open the latest in town...5am on a Friday and 6am on a Saturday. Keep up to speed with whats happening at our website www.theglassspider.info

Richard   22nd July 09
This bar is completely overrated, its got a cool name but thats about it for me. I was in the other week and it was absolutely crammed,i could not even move around properly never mind dance which makes the whole experience totally unenjoyable they definately should not be charging a 5 entry fee,they make plenty of money on drinks as it is,this is total greed.

Kevo   21st July 09
I was just wondering after reading the comments below am a regular to this bar atm and i know it serves food, but are we talking just snacks late at night or wht lol because the qeues in the takeaways are ridiculous after midnight.

paul   16th July 09
apart from the ridiculous admission fee and all the chavs (was more before passion opened up) i think its great one can order a sandwich after 2am! im trying to think of something else nice to say about the place...but i cant,sorry.

charlie w   4th July 09
id just like to say thank you the owners ttonic and glass spider for having the best gay venues in sunderland i have met lots of friends here and hear you are joining the gay pride march well done and thank you for letting me and my friends express ourselves

TAZ   29th June 09
Was in here last Sat, wasn't too bad, not sure about the 5.00 entry tho!

Adam   31st May 09
Well fact is... I was in there and im not wrong about it being full of charvers and edgy groups, espically late on and on the terrace. This site is here to express your opinions and comments and thats how I feel from being in the place a few times over the last few months... As for the DJ's...how many times are people gonna hear Hideaway or Show Me Love....

Re Adam J   29th May 09
You got facts to back up your claims? The Glass Spider have one of the best door teams in Sunderland. You say this place is full of charvers then your wrong. Everytime I have been in it's a decent crowd. Sunday was a little different after the match and had a mix, but the door team were stopping people with footy shirts after 8pm. As for the terrace, there were some really good DJS working the daytime and everyone really enjoyed it

Adam J   28th May 09
Why is it every time that I come into this place, its full of charvers and people with their necks out... always a really tense atmosphere. I know last Sunday was a match celebration but come on...Do the doorstaff actually look at the people who walk in here. Plus, although it was decent having a setup on the terrace, Im sure the DJ just stuck on a Now Dance 95 cd on after the match... same old tired tunes

DJ Craig   23rd May 09
Love whats going on with this place atm, getting a few new DJ's in and making a difference to the atmosphere. keep up the good work spider

dj dave   21st May 09
well spoken tony thats prob the only people who add to this site under false names as there to scared to give there real name dj rodeo dave south shields

Bryan   17th May 09
fierce angel was good last night really enjoyed it. this pubs one of the best in sunderland and always enjoy coming in managed to get into vip which was great. had a little problem with the barman over a wrong drink being poured and it wasnt a big deal. but all in all a really good night cant wait for next time Bryan

u dont know me   16th May 09
Tony, this whole site is garbage, its full of managers of bars and self premoting lame ass Dj's wanting to get get there name about. I suspect there is very few actual punters vistiting this site to check out and comment on sunderlands nightlife. Its so lame. lets see if this gets posted. The truth hurts!

Tony Griffiths. MD Wylam Leisure   15th May 09
Editor note: Please can you email me info at sunderlandnightlife.co.uk to sort this misunderstanding out. I think your Beautiful South comments were deleted in error, but I did ask you to re-submit them.

dave   6th May 09
gotta say turning 18 this year been everytime out you will never beat the spider.

DJ Craig   5th May 09
The DJ on monday was fantastic, really good music and his mixing inpressed me. hope to see him on a monday more oftern....really good choice of DJ glass spider! :)

rebecca   20th April 09
was in there tonight (monday) and i must say the dj was a bit of a unco-operative chappie! i asked for a couple of songs to be told off in a gruff tone that it was commercial (which i thought my songs WERE) and then turned his back on me,,, obviously thought himself to be too serious for the likes of us out of towners who are used to a little more repect! anyhow....apart from the (funny) dj and the flipping albanian following my mate we had a fab time... music was very non-descript but at least we got munchies at 3am without having to leave! that in itself is to be commended!

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