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Glass Spider

Green Terace, Sunderland

Photo of Glass SpiderSituated on two floors the Glass spider offers entertainment 7 nights a week downstairs and upstairs more of a restaurant style layout with a kitchen where you can everything that goes on!

The huge outdoor Glass conservatory upstairs and outside gives lovers the very chance to watch the stars. With drinks prices that would make your jaw drop the main attraction of this venue is the entertainment and late license. The general layout upstairs are swirls of eye catching wallpaper and more Victorian style seating, downstairs is more for you to rest while you're on the dance floor situated right in front of the DJ.

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sammie   18th April 09
the pizzas in the spider are the best ive ever tasted! aaand there only a quid!

rebecca   16th April 09
i think that if you have a bar/club successful enough to put different dj's on rather than flipping david guetta et al then good on you! people who havent got time for dcent dj's and how they brought the music forward, albeit in back in t'day, then they dont deserve to be in the club! yeah he might be only remembered by the over 25's but a good dj can work a crowd regardless of his era! could you imagine if tony de vit was still alive? that would be a night! dont listen to the people wih blinkers on... keep up the good work!
re: emma and warren holly oaks: i don't know why clubs and bars put on PA's like that when all they do is talk! they have nothing going for themselves and stop people from doing what they should be doin which isd drinking and dancing. when i worked in pzazz we had people like that and they just had big egos and were pr@#ks. i say get K-klass on!

joanne   16th April 09
monday nyt was wkd. jamie was great. more events like this please x

emma   14th April 09
i was totally dissapointed with warren from hollyoaks on monday he was a total let-down

davey   14th April 09
class weekend in spider. firstly who was the new fella dj'ing on sat night.big dude ? played some wicked tunes.nice change from the norm. was also in for fierce angel on sunday ,yet another top night of cracking music.love the fierce nights ! keep up the good work

Marc Rowell   14th April 09
thanks for the comments people, greaham park was an absolute success, he rammed the place and was a true professional! Ibiza Legends return on sat 25th April with the one and only Allister Whitehead! For the minority who claim to not know who these DJ's are, why not ask a friend or google them and and find out and get yourself to the event, you may just enjoy yourself!

Management   12th April 09
Hi Everyone
Robin S was live in The Glass Spider on Friday 10th April and she went down a storm. Our facebook was hacked by someone on Friday morning and they started rumours that she wouldn't be appearing....
Photos will be going on to the facebook this weekend to show she was indeed here.
We didn't advertise that she wasn't going to be here as she was! We advertised all night long that she was here and she gave a hell of a show
John Gray

Gemma   12th April 09
The Glass spider's guest, Robin S was cancelled, fair enough unfortunate things happen but at 9.10 pm they said that she will still be appearing which was a total disregard for their customers

Leon   12th April 09
Why was Robin S not at the glass spider last night, i am very dissapointed

FunkyFresh   10th April 09
Wot a night, tonight was, never enjoyed myself so much in long time, Tunes MINT, Atmosphere MINT Robin S MINT Just MINT Old skool is were its at, "Its a spiritual thing"

Adrian   9th April 09
I think we should just be thankful that in what is considered a popular/bar club in Sunderland, they are actually getting some half decent names behind the decks...Yes Graeme Park is'nt as popular as he was but he still has a good name and they did advertise it ...as a "Legends" night.

re barney   7th April 09
I havent got a clue who Graeme Park is! Im 23 and it seems that by looking at these comments that mostly djs would appreciate this guy because this guy is a dj also but it sounds before our time. Why dont you put someone on that EVERYBODY KNOWS please. Dont you think that because you know dj graeme park and his journey that everyone will? Sorry but I talk for a lot of people when saying this is before my time!

mulletto   7th April 09
Barney is a Legend...one of the best Djs they ever would be.

Dj barney   6th April 09
Mark Rowell, Just browsing through the site and thought i would say hello. I remember putting Grame Park on at Annabells ages ago and he was superb, i gather you have had a mixed reaction but believe you me a LEGEND IS ALWAYS A LEGEND providing the people attending understand the journey.Know what i mean. Dj Barney

re re reg   31st March 09
Regarding your comments about Graeme Park, I was there and the night was a huge success. how can you comment on something like David Guetta, he was on in passion yeah? no he wasnt it was falsley advertised. I was in spider on this night when park was on and it was great.

re reg   31st March 09
It sounds like you are EDUCATED in the 90s and earlier but trying to promote Graeme Park to the younger generation who dominate the nightlife would be a waste of time. What is the hacienda? Who is Greame Park. If you promoted (for example) david guetta on a flyer or some other UP TO DATE dj of this era it would prove to be familiar to the public resulting to a more successful night. I was a big fan of graeme park in the mid 90s but living in the past because you had a pleasurable experience is a little selfish - regarding the glass spider doing well with the takings it is best to keep the names of acts/dj's familiar to 'everyone'.

Reg   27th March 09
graeme park is one of the uk pioners of fine house music,from the birth of the lengendary Haciender days and across the early acid house days.With out such pionering people like graeme park,there wuld be no music of what we listen to today. You say the early 20s will not have a clue,then i see this as the whole point,BECOME EDUCATED. major prob with sunderland and there thoughts on who's who(Dj and music wise) it could be orvil the duck for all i cared but if his mixing skills are outstanding and musical knowlege on a higher leval then it should ony be right the dj tell his story through his music... anyway why should i rant bonus for me if the 20yr olds dont turn up etc etc,it will at least see a greater well knowlegable crowd here,happly being entertained. Hats off to Mr Mark Rowell for puttin the likes of these djs on it shows the glass spider going places. So my kind word to the one who regards this as wrong you do know there is other bars that cater for your age group.Sunderland needs diversity and about time....

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