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Glass Spider

Green Terace, Sunderland

Photo of Glass SpiderSituated on two floors the Glass spider offers entertainment 7 nights a week downstairs and upstairs more of a restaurant style layout with a kitchen where you can everything that goes on!

The huge outdoor Glass conservatory upstairs and outside gives lovers the very chance to watch the stars. With drinks prices that would make your jaw drop the main attraction of this venue is the entertainment and late license. The general layout upstairs are swirls of eye catching wallpaper and more Victorian style seating, downstairs is more for you to rest while you're on the dance floor situated right in front of the DJ.

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Re marc   25th March 09
Dont put graeme park on mate - he's old hat. wrong move. I know a little about him but the younger generation (early 20s) will certainly not. Risky move considering that will dominate most of the nightlife in sunderland. You may know him and respect him but a lot of the punters will not know who he is!

St Pads Day   25th March 09
Hi Shame. We kinda agree here...We've already discussed next years St Pads Day, and The Glass Spider will be open all day and possibly Hosting Paddywhacks @ The Spider! 2 Super Venues with back2back bands! You only have a year to wait!

Shame   24th March 09
Think you missed out on some custom St Patrick's Day as you were closed until later. I know it's owned by the same people but I'm sure some punters from Paddywhacks would have spilled into Spider as the place was stowed off.

Sarah W   24th March 09
Glass spider was amazing last night (monday 23rd of march)! Never been in before, it was my best friends 18th birthday, we were in for about an hour - then went back again at 2ish and spent the rest of the night there! Will deffinatly be going often now! :D also; who was the DJ last night? He was gorgeous! Me & my best friend couldn't keep our eyes off him, LOL! x

Marc   24th March 09
Watchout for The Glass Spider this sat, and the last sat of every month we have baleric legends! Launches this sat with the one and only hassiender legend Mr Graeme Park, make sure you attend it's going to be huge!

chris n joanne   21st March 09
was in last nite as always gr8 nite,if people dnt lykdnt go no one forces them,n as for the 3 quid entrance fee well cmon wats 3 quid,dj gr8 doorman polite,fantastic!

Michael   17th March 09
How mint was this place on St Pats Day? B*Witched were great!

emma   14th March 09
i saw you tony on come dine with me! nice shandaleer! or however you spell it... haha

Pete   12th March 09
Spider is not as good as people make it music is the same as everywhere else and you wud think on a sat when its open till 6 they would think differently of kicking people out when they are drunk

italian stallion   12th March 09
good service and reasonable prices, good music and atmosphere.

RE Jo   9th March 09
Hi Jo, The price structure your reffering to was when The Glass Spider first began charging admission. Since then we have changed the pricing scheme. Our prices are displayed behind the main reception desk as you enter. It is still only a small charge of 3 but it's helping you get alot more from the spider. We have some great PA's and DJ's due to be announced very soon! So we aren't pocketing the pennies, we are giving them back to u!

Management   9th March 09
Hi guys just to let you all know about the return of Fierce Angel this saturday, DJ's Justin Wilkes, Dave Simeon and Marc Rowell are going to tear things up for you, so make sure your in for the event!

jo   8th March 09
i thought the entrance fee was after 1 am. i have had to pay everytime i have been on a saturday night and i usually go in about 11pm. whats happening?

RE H   8th March 09
Your comments may be warranted, but The Glass Spider does not control the hiring and fireing of DJ's on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday as it's ran by a promotions company! Sorry

Tony   25th February 09
Which barman is that then becky, and open 24 hours to get some custom the place is heaving everynight go to the spider or go to blu bambu with all the sweaties think ill choose the spider, and i bet all you people whi are slagging it off are people who come in at for for a few more b4 you go home

becky   22nd February 09
im always in there is just propa mint great music nd one of the barmans is class as well lol

Frasier   19th February 09
I'm obviously going on the wrong (or right) night as I think the Spider is quite reasonable. I drink pints mind but midweek its no more than anywhere else, not bad considering its only a quid or two to get in. If you want to drink cocktails or doubles be prepared to pay 5 but I pay 2.30/2.40 and am perfectly happy with that. Don't get how this place is 'slapdash' - I think if people remember back how limited the nightlife options were before the Spider came along and changed things.

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