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Glass Spider

Green Terace, Sunderland

Photo of Glass SpiderSituated on two floors the Glass spider offers entertainment 7 nights a week downstairs and upstairs more of a restaurant style layout with a kitchen where you can everything that goes on!

The huge outdoor Glass conservatory upstairs and outside gives lovers the very chance to watch the stars. With drinks prices that would make your jaw drop the main attraction of this venue is the entertainment and late license. The general layout upstairs are swirls of eye catching wallpaper and more Victorian style seating, downstairs is more for you to rest while you're on the dance floor situated right in front of the DJ.

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peter from jarra   18th February 09
canny house on the tele,but you could have hid the spanish tab box in the been ha ha

Re Bobby Dazzler   18th February 09
Glass Spider opened to year ago after having two million spent on it. Wouldn't say it was half descent!

bobby dazzler   16th February 09
just seen the co owner on tv and after reading all the comments, i suggest he should put the same effort into the club as his house and you might get a half descent nightclub... ha ha fair play to the buying the food in on come dine with me lmao...

Jade   16th February 09
Ahhhh any1 c come dine with me? ...... Nice house!

paul   16th February 09
havent been in for a while,where has kyle gone and all the nice people gone, this place used to be great but now no atmosphere and full of chavs, management need to take note if you continue like this you will have to stay open 24 hours just to get some sort of custom.

harry   6th February 09
kyle was ok at times but you could predict his song's he used to play the same thing week in week out, kareem is a much better dj, and as for kareem and billy back to back on saturday PORNN!

re jason   4th February 09
Yeah agree with ya wer is Kyle workin now does any1 no?

DJ Craig   30th January 09
Well what can i say... i enjoy the glass spider, yea its not the cheapest bar in the world but its a nice place. theres a good atmosphere in there. you can complain about the prices of drinks and about the music...at the end of the day your not forced to go in the place, so if your that bothard about it just dnt go there ... simple solution :P......by the way just wanna say Andy on wed was good...hes a good friend of mine and i hope all you lot go to check him out....hes the man for the RnB scene like .

jason   30th January 09
what happened to Kyle the DJ. He is a miss for sure!

to re megan.   26th January 09
the reason she (megan) thinks this place is so 'great' is 'cos the doormen are fit' . Oh dear, what a 'great' way of judging a pub, if the doormen are fit.

Donelle   25th January 09
Love Glass Spider, we're at college at Shields and head to Sunderland on a Tuesday Love it

becky   23rd January 09
its just a mint place great music nd class bar serivce

Bruce   23rd January 09
Im telling you, this is the best place in sland, WHEN ITS GOT ANY ONE IN. Everyone seems to just go there in the early hours, due to it's late close up time. I went for the foam party event, was one of the best time's I have had in a long long time in sland. I mean, just came back from Holland, some of there clubs have nout on the spider, when its in full flow that is. YOU NEED TO GET MORE PEOPLE IN, more often. Would pick sland over Ncastle any time, if more places like this open up. Most of the other bars are empty, or to crammed full of students. lol

re megan   22nd January 09
where on earth is it full on the dancefloor is it dead latley i was charged 4.20 for a vodka and coke where is that cheap?

megan   21st January 09
absolutly great, drinks not that pricey at all, musics amazing can hardly get moved on the dance floor, great on student night 'monday' and the bouncers are FIT better than anywhere else

Davey   18th January 09
banging last night , cracking bouncers and mint tunes .. deffo going back !

Nickii   16th January 09
Anybody know where Ali the barman went to work????:)

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