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36 Low Road. Tel: 0191 567 2662

Photo of GreensA similar bar to Wetherspoon competing in prices for food and drinks this venue is situated in the middle of 5 bars and is open all day and night long.

A very relaxed atmosphere and comforting welcome from staff, Greens aims to please, with the old saying the customer is always right, the staff will go to the ends of the earth to please you and cater for your every need.

Not so much of a nightlife though, Greens provides more of a family pub/restaurant than a busy night bar. With a lengthy bar and plenty of seating your sure for a rest when you enter this venue.

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bryan h   13th November 13
Excellent pint, cheerful and eager to help staff, atmosphere great........ and theres nothing wrong with the music, saturday afternoons were made for such places.

dave porritt   25th February 13
Cracking pint, excellent customer service, good friendly staff and warm atmosphere. Caters for a spectrum of ages with music etc 9/10

Regular   17th November 12
Music rubbish, they don't know their audience and some right dodge pots getting in now!

SAFC!   23rd September 11
I hear the Djs (Mick) Left ? He will be missed !

Mick   24th July 11
In reference to DAVROS previous comment...Greens is still a pub that caters for the older clientelle. I suggest that you call in on a Friday night (It usually peaks around 10pm) where you will clearly hear tunes from that golden era you refer to, 60s, 70s, 80s. Greens cant rely on one age group as its custom therefore plays tunes accross the board to suit any age (old & new) and that is evident on a Saturday night where you will see a mixed age of drinkers. So once again Davros, if its the old classics you want to hear then Friday is your night. If youd like to hear a variety of popular music from today or yesteryear then Saturdays are for you! Simple

davros   15th July 11
Used to be top class, and always full...a pub that always catered for the older clientelle, playing top quality classics from the golden era of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Sadly though, it appears to be going the way of most city centre pubs, and trying to attract a younger clientelle, by playing shitty sounds...much to the detriment of its hardcore, older regulars.

Jon   2nd March 11
Used to run Bar me next door, Hi Clare, how are you? Am elsewhere now. Always loved the pub.......

Jippo   27th August 10
What can i say?....Always specials on behind the bar, thats a good start (Sailor Jerry mmm) top tunes to tap your toes to, right thru to rippin your shirt off ! Brilliant....The staff are class, the Dj's with it and bang on ! Hit the place at the right time Fri (10pm onwards) Sat (9pm onwards) and your weekend is set .... End Of ! Love 'The Jippo'

niki   21st May 10
big steve your sexy but not so BIG ha ha see you soon x

DJ   24th April 10
** HAPPY HOUR** Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9-10pm

Emma   31st December 09
Weekend evenings are great - always busy always a great atmosphere and the Dj always plays the tunes people want to hear! Brill Bar :)

jimbo   20th November 09
great music at the weekend all age groups inside you will end up singing along to the oldie songs, great atmosphere go and give your god a rattle

norbitt   11th October 09
Bunch of posers, the lot of them!

Lisa   10th August 09
what is the name of the gorgeous barman about 5ft dark hair, dark eyes?

Trevor   11th July 09
Oooh yeh, Big Stevie is hot hot hot, like a Jalepino. He can Take me to frankie & bennies anytime. Oh and the GREENS Dj is CLASS

Angel   13th June 09
The D J's mate Steve is absolutely drop dead gorgeous x

John   20th April 09
I love this bar during the day, great food and cheap beer , what more can you want ! And matchdays its chocka ... home or away .

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