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36 Low Road. Tel: 0191 567 2662

Photo of GreensA similar bar to Wetherspoon competing in prices for food and drinks this venue is situated in the middle of 5 bars and is open all day and night long.

A very relaxed atmosphere and comforting welcome from staff, Greens aims to please, with the old saying the customer is always right, the staff will go to the ends of the earth to please you and cater for your every need.

Not so much of a nightlife though, Greens provides more of a family pub/restaurant than a busy night bar. With a lengthy bar and plenty of seating your sure for a rest when you enter this venue.

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kate   9th April 09
love this pub..... really friendly great atmosphere match days.. but gets crammed

becky   11th March 09
jane is a slut bucket greens is awesmoe is especiallly sndy he's hot

Re:Janet   8th February 09
Yeah, Andy is still workin there. I used to work with him in there. If we mean the same Andy, he aint that tall but has dark hair. The other Andy who worked there was the trainee assistant manager, and he was ginger. He didnt last long tho

janet   3rd February 09
hey is andy (tall, dark hair) still working there?

Gem   9th January 09
Love this place really good pub day and nite. Can go out get piss and dance me feet off on a nite time or ave a nice dinner wit me lad and lttle boy lovely... keep up the good work

Joanna   29th October 08
love love love this bar. One of the best in town by a mile :)

kelly   29th September 08
what a fab place this is on a saturday night, nice, friendly manager who always says hi to me when i'm in, bar staff are freindly too, and there is a cute barman who is a about 5ft with short black hair, dark eyes

Sarah   28th September 08
Why is this place closed on a thursday now? That was always our meetin up place and we liked the hot barman

Clare   17th September 08
We ave started a student night on Monday... Pints from 1.25 & shots from 1. Theres also live music, everyone is welcome

stacey   4th September 08
great pub fab value alway chocca on a sat and fri and the staff are fab unlike other bars in sunderland tbh

MB   30th August 08
Obviously you aint looked good enough, Fri & sat nights are chocker wall to wall from 9.30 onwards, try and check in at those times and youl see what i mean.

Re: Clare   29th July 08
Not too sure about people having to queue to get in Clare, its practically dead everytime I walk past, and thats why we keep walking.

Loyal Customer   3rd June 08
This place is by far up there with the best bars in town, the staff are class, the food is great and the Dj caters for all throught the night every weekend ... he knows his stuff and not only that always has the place pumping with a great atmosphere ! From dancy house to indie classics all is mixed in to one great night at greens !

Clare   22nd May 08
The last part of the description is incorrect. Greens is very busy at night with live music on Tuesday's and a DJ on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Normally customers have to queue to get in!

bev   23rd March 08
I had dance with ron too, didnt think much of his stumpy mate tho, totally pissed.

irene   17th March 08
Had a great time dancing with a man called ron on saturday

the crew   27th November 07
love the bbq melts best food ever!

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