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36 Low Road. Tel: 0191 567 2662

Photo of GreensA similar bar to Wetherspoon competing in prices for food and drinks this venue is situated in the middle of 5 bars and is open all day and night long.

A very relaxed atmosphere and comforting welcome from staff, Greens aims to please, with the old saying the customer is always right, the staff will go to the ends of the earth to please you and cater for your every need.

Not so much of a nightlife though, Greens provides more of a family pub/restaurant than a busy night bar. With a lengthy bar and plenty of seating your sure for a rest when you enter this venue.

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Kate   19th October 07
This place is great.The food and drink is cheap and you get loads. They were dishing out student discount cards too.

weekend regular again   17th October 07
She has left, was talkin to the girl with short hair with red bits in it, glasses. She told me she had left and went to another bar, cant remember the name. I know the name of my barmaid now hehe, that lass told me. I hope I see her around one weekend, even if that lass said she has got a bf, she is gorgeous, Them little grey shorts and her sexy arse, the only reason I go back there now is too see if she comes back, and partly cos my m8s love the place

weekend regular   15th August 07
What happened to the skinny barmaid? she is stunning. She left or somethin or is she just on her holiday? If someones has details, boyfrend or watever? fone number maybe then leave any detals on ere. Greens staff are all mint, but my barmaid better not have left

Jack.   13th August 07
topper place greens, agree about the staff they are all wicked.. keep it up greens and leave the dj alone, so what if he likes to get drunk, hes the same as you lot that are out.. if he is doin his job ok then who cares :)

dave   30th July 07
why have a pi**ed dj when you can ask for songs from a sober one

me   18th July 07
the best bar staff in town. great atmosphere. always made to feel welcome. bouncers are friendly never had a problem and neither has anyone i know

Mr W   12th July 07
Greens is by far and away up there with the best pubs in the Town, with great atmosphere, good food, pleasant service and the most friendly staff. Clare (the manageress) is the best! Cheap, decent pints and the food is excellent value for money. Matchday crack is excellent. Well recommended to all.

????   7th July 07
Bring back the young dj that worked for Nigel, he was class, got pissed behind the stand whilst workin but always knew what music the punters wanted. Sort it out Paul

Dj Nick   15th June 07
Does greens still have a FUNKY HOUSE night here on a thursday??

The Crew   10th June 07
Paid another visit and met the woman doorstaff. She was pleasant enough despite other comments made. Only had 1 drink as the place was dead. Probably got busier later but couldn't hang on to find out.

roxy   6th June 07
Where was dj alex ,there was no sign of him ,or has he moved on?

DJ Alex   30th May 07
I still Like the Charva Music as i said in my last comment i didnt mean to call it a charva club just was trying to point out that greens can not play heavy dancy music.

mark   30th May 07
im a laptop user and you do have to beat match, its not as easy as you think but alex is not as good as he used to be, he was at ku klub along time so why call it a charva club when he took that music to the club? I've been going there for 7 years and he started that music off in there!

mandy   30th May 07
alex is a very sad dj i used to go to ku klub when he was djing in there at first he was great but liked his drink too much and killed this venue as for using a laptop so does just about everyone its alexs personality that wins the crowd over not his djing x

dj alex   30th May 07
i should not off called it a charva bar what i was trying to point out to big bob that greens does not play that much dance as it a bar that caters for all ages

andrea   29th May 07
alex you loved ku so why call it a charva club

dj alex   28th May 07
this is out for big bob, yes i do use a lapyop so do a lot of other djs and it still takes time to put all mixing points into the computer but you would not know that as you think everything should be mixed on cd or vinyl out of fashion, i move with the times, dont care who you are but i play a selection for my bar as bar me is charva and ku is charva but greens is everybody. Sorry if i have not played your music but all you have to do is ask!

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