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36 Low Road. Tel: 0191 567 2662

Photo of GreensA similar bar to Wetherspoon competing in prices for food and drinks this venue is situated in the middle of 5 bars and is open all day and night long.

A very relaxed atmosphere and comforting welcome from staff, Greens aims to please, with the old saying the customer is always right, the staff will go to the ends of the earth to please you and cater for your every need.

Not so much of a nightlife though, Greens provides more of a family pub/restaurant than a busy night bar. With a lengthy bar and plenty of seating your sure for a rest when you enter this venue.

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big bob   28th May 07
i am very sorry but i do have a clue! alex uses a laptop which does all the mixing for him and he playes the same tunes week in week out he is a very lazy dj, nice lad but sh*t house dj, he should stick to party next time you see him ask him y he dosnot use the new cd players they had instaled. From what i have heard he has lost his drive, he killed q, the basment (digbys) and he did bar me no good, look i am sorry he is a nice lad but he dont know house it is time for him to move on !

re: big bob   23rd May 07
You aint got a clue! Alex is great!

jen   10th May 07
love the music, its always packed. dont like it as much since it had the re-furd tho !

Emma   5th May 07
Greens is the best! Greens is my Mecca

big bob   1st May 07
went to greens the other night, nice bar, nice staff but dj cant mix, uses a laptop and playes the same tunes week in week out, time for alex to move on, was no good in ku, no good here and as for him playing house, he dose not know his arse from his elbow

phil   17th April 07
Linzi, you need to get in touch with phoenix security who run the doors there. Steve howe is the MD.

The Crew   12th April 07
We like this place. A good all-rounder. Never had any probs with staff or doorstaff. Let's hope it stays that way. Nuff said - we'll be back!

linzi   10th April 07
i think the bouncers are rediculous especially the woman bouncer she let my partner in after checking his ID as he looks young she let him in then as soon as we struggled to get to the bar she came in and escortead him back out and said the provisional driving licence he showed her was fake when it isnt she just likes to pick on people cos she thinks she's clever but she clearly isnt my partner is 23 this year and seems to get in every were els he tries wiv that provisional which isnt fake so if it was fake surely other bouncers would pick up on it thats what they are trained for, she needs more training obviously

jimmy   6th April 07
just like to say Greens has the best staff ever and i've worked in the trade all over the northeast and abroad for 30 years

DJ Alex   28th March 07
Greens Is trying to Go more funky house and hed kandi on a thursday night and a little bit commercial dance and old school so get yourselves down every thursday. cheap Drinks and cocktails on offer

alan   20th March 07
if Alex is still the DJ here he is class!!! he works in Modo on a Friday night!! rly canny bloke!

jemma   4th March 07
Hi does any one know where the tall barman Andy went to?

mecca   28th February 07
Well said nick ex everywhere djs ha.

Nick H   28th February 07
Found Greens had a poor DJ, but good service.

lou   27th February 07
Love this bar before and after the refits. always been a good place to drink and be merry and plenty of fit guys as well! what more can you ask for.

chic bbq melt fan club!   27th February 07
coming over from northern ireland to visit my mates from uni, i hope the chicken bbq melt is still on the go!!! if not my trip will be ruined i tell ya!! and a few nice pints may be useful too!

Boom Boom   26th February 07
That Dark haired lass who works behind the bar (Think her name is Gemma), she is gorgeous, I would so do her!!

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