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36 Low Road. Tel: 0191 567 2662

Photo of GreensA similar bar to Wetherspoon competing in prices for food and drinks this venue is situated in the middle of 5 bars and is open all day and night long.

A very relaxed atmosphere and comforting welcome from staff, Greens aims to please, with the old saying the customer is always right, the staff will go to the ends of the earth to please you and cater for your every need.

Not so much of a nightlife though, Greens provides more of a family pub/restaurant than a busy night bar. With a lengthy bar and plenty of seating your sure for a rest when you enter this venue.

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carry   11th December 06
for the dj keeping the bar up he needs to learn how to keep himself up seen him dj four different clubs and each time he has been as drunk as a skunk

natalie   10th December 06
i have never been, i am going next weekend, anybody know what its like?

harry   6th November 06
Well best ever bar in sland, every one must visit sat night, really good DJ def knows how to keep this bar up.. well done greens.

Bez   19th October 06
I agree Alex the Dj is really mint, Top bar.

Geoff   14th October 06
I agree with Jane on one point - the service!!! You used to get served pretty quickly but the past few times I've been in I've had to wait about 15 minutes at the bar to get served. Still a cool bar and the vodka is nice and cheap. DJ can be a bit crap.

ebab   13th October 06
Its a mint bar, always packed & really good music, Dj Alex is really mint, love him to bits & he really makes the bar. See you Thursday & Saturday Alex.

dolin   10th October 06
The girl behind the bar with the long dark hair! buy a smile ya face is like a smacked arse!!!!

lauren   10th October 06
i dont like the dark haired lad workin behind the bar, believe his name might be A****! But other than that great place for a great night out. Nice atmosphere and cheap prices.

jemma   5th October 06
This place is friendly and a good night out. Rock on to idols all you little skanks.

billy   3rd October 06
Cant understand Janes comments. Went to greens with the lads on Friday - mint! Nice cold bud, smiley lass served us in turn and the music was class. Had to Q to get in but worth it.

Gemma   26th September 06
The new staff are prob rejects from other pubs Jane, its not good is it? Especially when you are a regular...

Jane   14th September 06
What has happened to greens? Us golden oldies who visit greens every friday nit are no stranger to the q's outside and the huge crowd swamping the bar. However, more often than not you were served as quickly as could be expected, in order and a great quality of drink, and the bar staff were fantastic. However, in the past couple of months they have all been replaced by unpleasant, slow and unprofessional staff. Everytime you get a drink, you get a different glass and a completely different service. Also, where have the attractive staff gone. All that remain are skulking people who are more often than not, rude and unpleasant, especially at peak times. I have visited greens for many years, even as the transporter and have recently considered not returning. I hope this sorts itself out soon or its in for some rough times!

a fan   31st July 06
How fit is the dark haired bar man.

anon   31st July 06
Far to busy for me, would never que to get in & there aint enough toilets! also the bald bouncer is a bit of a clown!!

makem99 - a former international student   30th July 06
Is this the old transporter?

babs   16th July 06
OH MY GOD... greens has stopped doing cocktails, why?

babs   10th July 06
I`ll see u all on friday night to watch the BIG BROTHER eviction... mines a larger & lime.

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