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55 High Street West, SR1 3DP.

Photo of HarleysOne of the most deceiving venues around. Enter at street level and it's a small, dimly lit room with Far-Eastern style sheets draped across the ceiling and a traditional looking bar at the far end. However, upstairs opens out into a spacious American-themed bar complete with a DJ and expensive-looking lighting.
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yrag   12th December 06
place was bouncing on sat nite keep it up

Mark_K   4th December 06
Whats this 10 in and free dinks all about, heard a couple of people mention it.. why dont they stick a advert on here to let people know about it ?

rach   14th November 06
Ok so its full of charvas but if you wanna have a fun nite out and listen to sum mint tunes get yourself in scouse is the best music about at the min and charvas dont bite, well not unless provoked!! haha good fun!

gazz   23rd October 06
This is the blue monkeys rebirth, they would rather sell water than beer 25 pound drink as much water you can good move monkey.

VICKZZ   19th October 06
Had a meal in here the other day, Food is very nice and service was plesent.

Mizz X   7th October 06
Get the kiddy ravers off the decks and get Dj schoby back. I was in there 30/09/06 his music is just the best, what were you thinking? Send those chavs back to the monkey and let the real Dj take over, you dont know what your missing.

customer   29th September 06
this newly refurbished restaurant, now serves a tradditional cavery everyday from 11:30 - 5:00. it is delicious! try it

dj   28th September 06
harleys dosnt play the rave no more, plays dance trance and scouse house so get ya selfs along there on a fri or a sat night... the 2 new dj's are good

anon   17th September 06
harleys on a sat night, fab...if it was 4 year ago lol....

+Crissy+ +M+   17th September 06
haha gin an dave lad, wots ya msn addy???

chris   11th September 06
Thats the problem in Sunderland, i think the clubs need to be open minded with the music policy rather than this cheese and rnb crap! Its pathetic! Dont follow the crowd be different!

kelly   5th September 06
Used to be ok but what is going on with the music? its just not what you should be allowed to play in town at weekend. Give your dj the night off and let him go around other bars n clubs to get the idea of what to play xx

andy   4th September 06
Harleys gets the crowd in. Gem you jealous, thats all

DAVE THE RAVE NO1RAVER   30th August 06
Prayer to god for Mc and DJ and ravers.

Gem   30th August 06
This is why harleys doesnt get the crowds in....andys cheese lol!!!

andy   10th August 06
ladies when you come in dont be shy to say hi.

andy   8th August 06
everybody please get yourself to harleys, its a good night, you wont regret it..... all ladies are welcome