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55 High Street West, SR1 3DP.

Photo of HarleysOne of the most deceiving venues around. Enter at street level and it's a small, dimly lit room with Far-Eastern style sheets draped across the ceiling and a traditional looking bar at the far end. However, upstairs opens out into a spacious American-themed bar complete with a DJ and expensive-looking lighting.
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Amy   26th July 06
Andy its not as simple to get lost when u have a kid to think about.

Gary   23rd July 06
The boards advertising the cavery outside could do with a clean they are minging!

andy   16th July 06
gem..... get lost ok.

Gem   18th June 06
Im Amy’s best bud and I do miss the laughs in here, but when I go in I get watched like a hawk from the ex...Shame cause I would like to maybe make up and be friends now....if anyone speaks to Andy please let him know.

Gazzy   1st June 06
Gone downhill. Good DJ but plays cheesy tunes now due to the manager.

amy   28th May 06
I am in their at least twice every week, it is real good!! Tracey rules!!!

Amy   6th May 06
Yes Andy the barman still works there. I went in to annoy the twat because he is an ex of my best bud. It was full of people who were scruffs! Wouldn't bother going in here unless its to piss a certain ginger lad off!

gem   14th April 06
I was in here the other week with my mates, had scream cos of drag queen on kareoke and my big camp mate Andrew was flirting! Was good place to meet up with my boyfriend too cos it was that quiet. Bar staff seem friendly but the dj was crap!

Foz   14th April 06
Does Andy the tall barman still work there?

Anth   24th March 06
It has a new Space Bar upstairs and a new carvery during the day.

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