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29 Holmeside, SR1 3JE

Photo of IndependentFormerly Marlows, this upstairs venue is a long established live music venue. Indie/rock night club/bar. Has gained in popularity since the closure of Ku Club.
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lisa   7th February 09
will the good friday punk all dayer be for over 18's only?

BPM   14th January 09
NEW NIGHT! BPM is the newest addition to INDEPENDENTS allready amazing line up to give Sunderland a whole night dedicated to Minimal/Techno with their LAUNCH PARTY headed by the amazing BIGGER THAN JESUS! Their first night is on the 6th of Febuary and will be with residents Chris Mackie and Shaun Cowie... 5 before 12 and 7 after so get there early :) See you on the dance floor....

Alf   28th December 08
The dj now has a security guard right next to him to stop people asking for requests.....

grooovy suzy   9th December 08
this place just gets better and better

re paul   2nd November 08
just thought you should no that michael downey as bought the wallpaper shop in holmeside and is going to play indie i cant wait

Ben ( independent)   2nd November 08
Regarding comment left on 31st October. I presume that this comment is aimed at me, Ben. As i've said before on this forum i don't leave anonymous messages, let alone messages under a pseudonym. Anyway, i'm not a DJ, never have been. Obviously the writer of the message on the 31st was from another club or bar, I wonder why these people don't concentrate on their own concerns rather than bothering other people with their tat.

INDEPENDENT, Paul.   1st November 08
In reply to the last comment on this site, firstly we do not and never have had a DJ called Ben, so I've no idea what you are on about? And if we ever make comments on this site we will always state "independent" in the name box. Yes i agree Ku Klub was an iconic venue, I worked for Michael Downey for many years. Unfortunately it is closed now so why would we comment on it? Finally as for us losing out to our competition and losing our crowd I'm afraid you have been in the wrong club mate. Please feel free to leave whatever comments you wish but simply trying to stir trouble where none exist is simply pointless.

re john s   31st October 08
to john s (ben) ku club was not the same every night it had far more amount of people than independant but it was time to move on you are just a jelous because your djing career has failed instead of slagging off other places you should try competing with your current competition which is taking all of your crowd hahaha

John s   3rd October 08
They probably have the most varied music policy in the city. House Electro Northern Soul Drum N Bass Dub Rock N Roll and of course Indie. Ku was the same every night you went and it went downhill as soon as manhatten opened downstairs with all the chavs and now its shut! Read the bit at the bottom of independents comment to see whats coming up.

davey mac   1st October 08
never gonna be as good as the original indie club ku but decent just full of young wannabes tbh

INDEPENDENT   6th September 08
To Mark. Yes bar36 did have live acts more or less every friday and saturday, however out of maybe 150 gigs less than 5 actually sold out ( Snow Patrol, Futureheads, Leatherface, the Delays), gigs such as Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs and Ordinary Boys totally bombed. We could put gigs on every night of the week with bands just breaking the scene but we have found this rarely catches the attention of the live scene. Coming soon we have Young Knives, Rifles, Bromheads Jacket and Martin Stephenson and The Dainties, as for saturday DJs we have our usual resident Chris Brackley but with guest DJs (Julie from seven, Frankie from cool for cats) doing hourly slots more or less every week just to keep people on their toes. As well as different djs every week in the back room. Please check out www.myspace.com/independent_venue for full listings. Cheers Mark, hope this helps you out. Look out for more confirmations coming soon.

mark   5th September 08
To be fair, i was thinking the live music had gone right off, used to be stuff on just about every day during bar 36. Sat nights still, cheap in, and drinks similar to the average pub keeps us going, could do with a change of dj now and again to keep things fresh though (been taking lessons from the old ku club dj i reckon).

Kevin Keegan   5th September 08
Regular Joe did you actually hear the song i am referring too? He played some song which i cant remember now and only played the we are vocals for the last few seconds of the song which sounded really pathetic once you realised justice wasnt coming on afterwards, yes justice did that but atleast they did it with something the vocals were in tune with not just some random song with the vocals but on the back end of it for friggs sake, at the end of the day yes he does play some alright stuff, but most of his tunes are absolute cack, we have one decent indie place to go to so id like to hear decent indie stuff not rap and dance which i could go to spider and listen to, yes you're right, i could go to newcastle and find some decent indie places, bulletproof is brilliant but you don't want to travel through newcastle every week because you or your mates dont have the money every week.

john s   5th September 08
I go to independent quite often and to be fair it is not an indie club and i dont think it markets itself as one. I mean would you call ward10 or By Royal Appointment indie? It's just a club that puts different genres of music on. And i must say, is there another club/venue that actually tries to put credible live bands on, The Futureheads, Klaxons, Reverend and The Makers. Need i say more?

joe   4th September 08
it does have a very distinctive smell like. 'stinkers' as you call them...(tramps) go in all bars/nightclubs... liquid diva the spider union pure white room etc.... you cant choose people who visit bars at the end of the day its about making money for bar owners. and to be honest apart from certain diy nights ran by dj's nearly every dj in the town is pathetic, i havent heard the dj for a few months i know who it is and i think you must of expected erol alkin to be puttin a few daft numbers on that night ;)

Andy   4th September 08
Stinks like death and you can't get out once you've stood in the same place for more than 30 seconds as you're stuck to the carpet. Its fair to say, however, the stink doesn't mainly come from the bar itself, but the stinkers that go in! (Not everyone, but if you've been in before I'm sure you've came across the human wheelybins!) Even the music is overrated - maybe I've just been in at the wrong times but I love my indie music, and what I've heard the times I've been in was terrible. Glad to see some people enjoying it tho :o)

regular joe   2nd September 08
Surely 'we are your friends' is actually a remix by Justice, where they, ahem, took the vocal from a Simian track and just stuck it over the top of another record? How pathetic is that?... I go to independent pretty much every week because i like the atmosphere, i don't like everything the dj plays but the night is long enough that i hear enough stuff i enjoy. And there is a second room if one song irritates you that much! i think it's wrong to say there is nowhere else to go, there are plenty of places that play indie in town and newcastle, and you pays your money and takes your choice as far as i'm concerned.

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