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29 Holmeside, SR1 3JE

Photo of IndependentFormerly Marlows, this upstairs venue is a long established live music venue. Indie/rock night club/bar. Has gained in popularity since the closure of Ku Club.
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Cappello   1st September 08
I wouldn't call it remixing, he was only playing a song with those words going over it, how pathetic is that, atleast it would have made sense if justice came on afterwards, thing is he probably think hes the bees knees but doesnt realise most the people in there have no other indie club to go to.

regular joe   1st September 08
a dj? Remixing? Whatever will they think of next?!? Those crazy guys!

Cappello   31st August 08
What the hell was that last night, mixing a song with the words WE, ARE, YOUR FRIENDS, making people think justice is coming on next but... it didnt. Get rid of this useless DJ ffs.

john s   28th August 08
I agree completely joe. The week before for inde's birthday it was packed and we all had a right laugh at the fancy dress, it was poor at the weekend but i'm sure that was all down to leeds fest. Roll on the weekend eh

regular joe   27th August 08
surely most indie fans in sunderland were at leeds this weekend? I know i was, and all my mates too. Last week this place was rammed, find it hard to believe that hundreds of people decided overnight to stop going...

gavin   27th August 08
what a load of crap in here this weekend it was dead and i noticed the 50 people that was in not enjoying themselves so i think its time to go somewhere else

John sss   20th August 08
that letter was to say Amy Winehouse's dad would be performing

kath   8th August 08
well john you will eat your words cause i have seen the email off amy winehouse's dad

john s   1st August 08
The Futureheads last thursday were class. Is there any more big names coming soon cos i'm not holding my breath for pzazz to have bands on. Amy winehouse and the kooks are they having a laugh?

joe   10th July 08
Best club night around, but aye, a bit repetitive.

kate   4th July 08
i think it was canny good music the first time i went two wks ago and much nicer and cleaner than ku club lol

Independent   2nd July 08
Tickets for all shows are available from www.seetickets.com or you can get them from the white room and hotrats. Thank you. Also check out www.myspace.com/independent_venue for all gigs and club nights.

david w   30th June 08
It's not the same songs every week. But i think he does only play released singles for some reason. I wouldn't say it was repetative it's just the most popular requests. And to be fair, is there another dj in the town who mixes every song? Nice one booking young knives and futureheads.

Gavin   29th June 08
Saturday DJ is getting really repetitive, only plays songs that have came out as singles, and the same songs every week, yes it gets full but that's because we have nowhere else to go.

caroline   27th June 08
why doesnt julie from seven dj here anymore? she should be on saturdays. saturday dj is useless imo. club nme was mint!

john s   25th June 08
Nice little club with good tunes, i was here last year when klaxons played live before leeds festival. The balcony out the back is canny for a smoke and a drink as well. Heard they have got the futureheads and the young knives coming soon, where are tickets on sale?

Comic Book Guy   16th June 08
Phat Plastic rocks my world! Loved the gay bar/wheatus mash up on saturday - more of this type of stuff please. Maybe a Sting/Phil Collins/Limp Bizkit/Eminem super mash-up in the future?!

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