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29 Holmeside, SR1 3JE

Photo of IndependentFormerly Marlows, this upstairs venue is a long established live music venue. Indie/rock night club/bar. Has gained in popularity since the closure of Ku Club.
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mrsshankly   8th June 08
60s night last night was he best! Great atmosphere, great music and cherry flavoured beer. Keep it up, Much better than usual dj in big room, gets more like upstairs in the borough every week.

dancing danny   26th May 08
your right kyle great night on sun am sure the dj used to be a member of cool for cats but think he has had a new hair cut since them days sure he is called anthony

Kyle   26th May 08
Who was the DJ on bank holiday Sunday, get him on every week , the tunes were mint !

dancing danny   18th May 08
your so right suzy what a place it was packed on sat i needed a new pair of shoes i danced that much.

groovy suzy   14th May 08
ben you are so handsome my friend like the manager with the ginger hair though.door staff are super cool pauls the best then keith the other ones ok as well.mint place i go every night its open keep up the good work.x

Ben - Independent   14th May 08
A response for Smiler. We have a new clubnight arriving for Thursdays in a few weeks which will see us open in the main room every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and The Little Room on Mondays. Us being shut on a Thursday may have made our being open look sporadic but other than a few Fridays over Christmas ( student night - students went home) we've been open every Friday and Saturday for nearly two years. Our new Thursday clubnight 'The Crash Club' arrives in a couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled for details. We've been working closely with the promoters in the pre-launch - we've had a little re-furb of the little room, bought a new 12k sound system for the main room and have launched some amazing new drinks. Sign up for our mailing list @ www.independentsunderland.com

smiler   12th May 08
just want to say great bar great atmosphere and great staff but why does the bar keep randomly closing. I go expecting a great night out and its closed whats happening x

dave the spade   4th May 08
full of little wannabe indie nuts wearing rosary beads going on like they are pete doherty on a herion buzz.

Lou W   30th April 08
This place is bouncing... despite the DJs being total numptys. Gay bar... away man!? Sort yersels owt and get some MGMT - Kids

soph   21st April 08
love it in indipendant like, good music & atmosphere, and whos really that bothered if he dosent play one song. think of how many request he gets a night and that. Its a tad dark in indipendant like thats the only bit i dont like to be honest. and them stairs are a death trap after a few haha

Gareth   19th April 08
1. It has a decent indie scene. Agreed, i never said it didnt.
2. I've never read NME in my life and never intend to.
3. If your asking for actually good tunes..... fair enough. My point still remains tho.
Which bars i mentioned have a dj just standing there with a mix CD on? Your talking complete rubbish mate. Can you please actually tell me which of the ones i mentioned you have actually been to? If you wanna see dj skills go watch the DMC. Oh sorry you cant cos you dont even know what it is. Numpty. Have fun in Arizona tonight mate with Brenda and the gals.

super ted   17th April 08
to Gareth what you on about shocking nightlife i think the city is quite healthy for a band/rock culture city, loads of great indie bars and bands as well :)

super ted   17th April 08
fair comment Dan S. Gareth go back to nme and if as i figure you don't like indie, jog on and comment somewhere else

Dan S   17th April 08
Gareth it's you who hasn't got a clue mate. We're asking for stuff by artist they play but different from the usual tunes. As Gavin says its become predictable. At the end of the day you can be as musically orientated as you want to be with no customers. Plus we're not asking the DJ to wish Brenda a Happy Birthday. As for a desciption of a music snob "someone who thinks they know what good music is as long as it's new and the NME has said it's good" If you went in more often you'd have some idea of what we're talking about

craig   17th April 08
i work in a party venue and i earn amazing money djing and by saying happy birthday to brenda, am sorry to say this by using a microphone youre not a jukebox i.e you could put a mix cd on which some djs in the mentioned music bars do. it takes a talent to pick up a mic so dont call our bars the s word thats over the top mate.

Gareth....   16th April 08
Dan, U really havent got a clue mate sorry. As i said, there are what i would call "proper djs" who are djs because they love music they're into. Those are the types which get to dj at musically orientated places, like Independant, Pure, White Room, Digital, Tokyo, North, Cosmic etc etc. (To name a few in Newc). Then you have town/party dj's. Who say happy 40th birthday to Brenda and do play music solely as a jukebox to the crowd. They get to play at places like Arizona, Chase, Luma, Oslo etc. AND ALL THE OTHER SH*&E BARS IN TOWN. There is a MASSIVE difference. You obviously dont understand. As i said, no harm in asking a dj to play a tune, but dont get a lip on just cos they didnt.

Gavin   16th April 08
Is there any chance of changing the songs around a bit? it's becoming a bit predictable what's going to come on next. Ie Bloc Party - Banquet Paramore - Misery Business, the stone roses - fools gold, and the same pigeon detecitves song everytime too, I'm not trying to have a go because the songs they play are quality and well done the dj for it, but it's becoming tedious the same songs most weeks with just the odd new song thrown in there.

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