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29 Holmeside, SR1 3JE

Photo of IndependentFormerly Marlows, this upstairs venue is a long established live music venue. Indie/rock night club/bar. Has gained in popularity since the closure of Ku Club.
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Gareth....   15th April 08
Was in sat for a bit. The dj does cane that Pendulum tune a bit too much like. Still good tunes tho. Ted, describe your definition of a musical snob please mate? This ones good "Someone who knows what actuallyt good music is" Aye thats the one ;)

Gareth @ Change   14th April 08
Listen, if you ask a dj to play a track, as long as he has it, and it fits in with the vibe of the club, then fair enough. I would. If it doesnt, then tough. You need to appreciate the amount of complete idiots who come and ask for music like Cascada, or whatever else when you are in a completly different venue. Eg, i was djing in Pure a few sats ago and a lass asked me to play some indie. I was djing at my mates leaving do playing house, broken beat, hip hop, soul etc and some wally asked me for Cascada. Do i JUST PLAY IT COS SHE ASKED? No i dont. That doesnt mean i was rude and said f off, i just said "its not indie night, or just said i aint got it". The point is, if a dj doesnt play your track, its because it wont fit in with whats happening, or you simply have asked for an awful tune. Theres a big difference between a "dj" and a " town/party dj". If you dont like the music. DONT GO.
Editors note: Gareth, we have removed a few swear words from your comment

super ted   13th April 08
gareth why you having a go at ku club, at the end of the day you sound like a music snob or come across like that to me so what if they have been playing a genre of music for 15 or 100 year maybe the dj plays it there becuase the CUSTOMER wants it and as dan s says who pays the bills.

Dan S   13th April 08
Gareth the whole point of pubs / clubs having dj's is that they play what the customers want not just what the individual dj wants to play otherwise they could chuck the decks and just but an ipod on shuffle on. What the kid needs to remember is we're the people who but money in the till which goes towards paying him. And what a surprise you have a go at Ku as well seems quite normal to have a dig at them on here. It may be the same Oasis and Charlatans tunes for the last 15 years but at least if you ask the DJ for a tune he plays it. Plus it's a totally different crowd in Ku.

Gareth @ Change   11th April 08
Im widely known im not the biggest indie fan..... but the fact is Independant is exactly what Sunderland needed, a dedicated venue with MUSIC always at the forefront of EVERYTHING it does. Its not rocket science, but unfortunately in our shocking nightlife..... for 99% of people, it is.

Ive been in a few sats. For anyone who doesnt think this dj is very very good you need to give your head a shake. Constantly swictching from Indie, electronic, drum and bass, rock, hip hop, house and back again. Its music for people who get excited by EXCITING NEW MUSIC. If you "just dont get that" then do one! Considering its rammed every sat now I think that says it all about the place and the good crowd it gets in.

Unlike Ku which has been playing the same Oasis and Charlatans tunes for the last 15 year. But that wont be the case for much longer.....

ps.... STOP MOANING COS THE DJ WONT PLAY YOUR MUSIC. IF YOU WANT TO PICK THE TUNES GO BUY YOUR OWN F*&$)" DECKS! for Ted..... id be interested in telling us what music you actually like.... and what you actually know about Djing? Lemme guess "crap" and "f all". (Great crack message boards btw)

ted   31st March 08
saturday dj is a right knob. doesn't play anything you ask him for and what he does play is sometimes embarrisingly cheesy.

Mike Jnr   31st March 08
Nice to talk to both Ben and Paul the other day they are far from being muppets speaking as the person that probably had more to do with the Indie culture being established in Sunderland than anyone, I personally think that they are doing a great job of keeping the indie alternative music scene alive in Sunderland keep it up lads !

Chole   24th March 08
went in for first time on sat oh my god what a dump it stinks your feet stick to the floor and the staff are the most miserable people i've ever come across all that mikxed with crap music and kids ....never again!

mrsshankly   8th February 08
Love independent, but the dj never plays what you ask and has put himself on a pedestal, well on the stage so noone can even ask him anymore! Sort it out. Oh and save Nirvana, audioslave etc. for another night. Good bands, but keep it for another night eh.

tomo   6th February 08
love this place ! cheap booze and class tunes.

davey   12th December 07
i'm in here every saturday and i've never seen a 15 year old. if you are a worried parent whats the point of leaving a message on here?

(ms)   4th December 07
to will smith.... no my rant does not go on...independent is a better place without people like you basically. simply dont go...enjoy your night else where...and 'the ending is as soft as a mills and boon novel', im expressing my opinion, not forcing it on others, like yourself....and calling the owners 'muppets', is a bit childish dont you think...there far from it, very talented and hard working men who have achieved something...but then again thats my opinon...not yours!

croovy susie   28th November 07
independent is class i always enjoy going here ben and paul the bosses are super cool the women are the best looking and dressed in the town. there is hardlys ever any bother but if there is the doorman are very good at dealing with it paul charlie and keith keep up the good work

ross   27th November 07
just wanted to say i had a great night last saturday, keep up the good work!

julie   26th November 07
this place is a disgrace they have now got there fire exit as a smoking area

parent   26th November 07
my daughter has been getting in here she is 14yrs old this has just been brought to my knowledge as a friend took photos on her phone this should be stopped straight away

independent Ben   16th November 07
You weren't greeted by a sign on the door, you were greeted by me, explaining that the promoter had unfortunately had to cancel because the Troubadours bus had broke down. Bullshit probably we agree but what can we do, it's nopt our gig. We didn't book them and we didn't book you. But i'm a muppet eh? And you're happy to say this without anybody knowing who you are... what does that make you? Come and introduce yourself and i'll happy repeat this word for word to your face.

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