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29 Holmeside, SR1 3JE

Photo of IndependentFormerly Marlows, this upstairs venue is a long established live music venue. Indie/rock night club/bar. Has gained in popularity since the closure of Ku Club.
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to ms..   15th November 07
to be fair, your rant does go on...and the ending is as soft as a mills and boon novel.. was supposed to be playing at independent tonight and we were greeted with a "sorry your not wanted anymore" on the door.. this club is ran by muppets

(ms)   9th November 07
what do you mean quoting a line from a film...? dont go if it doesnt suit you, your paying 3, not 30, every place has its up's and down's just like diva and like ku...if you like then then go, but the last time i visited ku it was no where near as nice as independent, my friend actually slipped over and boke her arm..., and the pints smelt and tasted disgusting, and there didnt look like there was a cieling nxt to to dj...not a place i would return to, but thats my opinion i suppose.

alex R   29th October 07
class college night out on thursday night like.....dj was mint. alex R

will smith   20th October 07
Omg (ms) what are you doing quoting a line from a film? fair comment on the cleaning issue in all bars, but if you being charged 3 to enter a building you have a right to complain don't you? i personally think that whenever we have been in recently its not the same. not as busy and looking like its struggling.. i personally like ku and diva now

(ms)   19th October 07
i would just lik to add a note on independent. i rekon the whole idea of independent was to a venue for musician and a night club, i believe it serves it purpose very well. i dont know another who does both as good as they do. yeah it might not be the prittiest place or smell like roses but its certainly not offensive or does it put me off my night..the smell is usually stale drink, most pubs smell like that, you stick to the floor because people spill drinks..dont we all..would you rather have staff hovering around with a bucket and mop to catch your every spill... cool for cats was moved from another venue which it was held in a much smaller room, the night was started and is still ran by a small group of friends and with only a few people going who enjoyed the same 'different' music..not your NME, not your typical 'indie','rock' music. They played alternative music such as talking heads, the cure, AC/DC, depech mode, new order, etc, music they enjoyed to listening to in which they would play...its not to be compared to KU or diva, not because its BETTER, but its completly different and stands for something much more individual and personal than KU or diva. If you dont like it then fair enough, i thought that a lot of the point of being a DJ was to enjoy what you do, have fun and play the music (to some extent) that you love. that what this night does. if you appreciate independance then you should appreciate independent....

Clinton T   17th October 07
Just moved to Sunderland from London, I think this place is great, when I was there the last thursday night I thought the music was cool.

Daniel Clark   11th October 07
This place is amazing. Awesome for student not wanting a crap night, without having to leave the city. Great difference from other money hungry, cheesy, ignorant clubs/bars in the town. Last friday was great, i went around the town and found that the music and people in independent were equally cool in comparision with everything else going on. You have my vote.

PLASTIC PEOPLE   10th October 07
If you're truly INDEPENDENT than come down to the unofficial warm up night>>>> Right you crazy music loving ecelectic hectic fantastic platsic people.... Its Friday Night! There are great choices of venues to go to. But you need somewhere to go first,, to hang out, chill out and get syked for great Friday Night! Well PLASTIC PEOPLE is that starting point! Come down for 8pm get a stamp so you can come and go as you please. Enjoy well cheap beers and spirits and alcho pops. Play Pool sit down relax, get up and dance, use the interactive dj who plays what you want to hear and start your night out! INDIE ELECTRO RETRO POP PLASTIC PEOPLE is from 8pm and parties hard to 3am every friday. @ The Continental (oppossite Joplings) Corner of St Thomas Street & John Street Sunderland City Centre 8pm to 3am

splendid fred   7th October 07
cant you spend a bit of money to do the place up and cover up the horrible ceiling with its wires hanging down. the place looks like an abandoned workshop with a bar put in it. its minging!

donna   27th September 07
there you go straight away slagging off another venue by the way sally ku is'nt full of tossers just people that know good music and laura could not be any closer to the truth 1st comment on this site and it had to mention ku club again makes me laugh

Laura   26th September 07
you know wat sally you're obviously sleeping with or have something to do with some1 from indepentant to slag ku off the way you are, what you trying to do put people off! if you've even been in ku you'd know the friendly atmosphere you receive as soon as you walk through the door they always make me feel welcome and i know i can have a laugh with the door staff. You stick to independant if thats wat you prefer but don't go slagging other places each is to their own you muppet

kim   26th September 07
sally, you must take drugs if you think that independant is the best place in sunderland, you must be the one of many that goes there that are underage its a proper kiddies club my sister gets in no prob and she is only 14 so have you been in ku cause it dont sound like it

Sally   24th September 07
You guys are all crazy! This place is sunderlands best, only reason I still go to town. Whether its a shabby upstairs grot hole or a newly designed chic lounge, the music is great, the atmophere is mint and it isn't full of tossers unlike ku. I don't know anyone who goes out to sit in a fresh smellin luxury pub, most people go out to have a laugh, bit dance and to get drunk no matter what the surroundings. Independant I think your bloody fabulous!

SunderlandNightLife.   7th September 07
Dear Independent, Any comments you have not made or you feel are abusive or unfair please let me know and well be more than happy to delete them for you, contact me on - Neil@SunderlandNightLife.co.uk

INDEPENDENT to Donna/Administrator   6th September 07
Donna, we the management at Independent rarely comment on this site, and when we do we make it obvious of our identity. We certainly don't bad mouth any other venue in the city when we do. In fact the very reason we neither look or post on this forum often is because it's full of people giving each other shit. Constructive criticism is good for all venues/DJs/managers but anonymous abuse is not. The administrators of this forum should be more careful of the obvoiusly slanderous comments that are made. Surely this anonymous system could be made more transparent?? Ben, manager at Independent

colin   6th September 07
well said donna ku club RULES if its indie /rock /or dance ya looking for

Hallelujah @ Independent   5th September 07
The independent venue as a new person coming from other nationwide venues in the UK, is a great place for live bands and club nights! Is a credit to the city that people within the place are making massive efforts to bring great things to the area! Also,many massive club nights all over the uk do pre club bars. Is a great way to link nights and created a real buzz about the club event before hand.. Thanks

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